INTERVIEW (AUDIO): Fandomania (July 2010)

Fandomania (#107)
San Diego Comic-Con 2010
July 2010

In the latest podcast by Fandomania there is an interview with Aaron from San Diego Comic-Con.

Set up for the interview is at 14:38. Aaron is on at time stamp 15:30 – 25:05.

They ask Aaron how he got the role on BSG and what was his reaction to the Chief being a cylon. Aaron talks about The Bridge (and what happened with CBS). He says that he’s working on ‘Hellcats’ and also mentions ‘Killer Mountain’ and ‘One Angry Juror’. The interviewer tells Aaron that their website is called Fandomania and ask Aaron what he’s into. Aaron mentions some tv shows and some of the books he has read recently.

Source: Fandomania Podcast – Episode 107: Fish Tacos