Shame on me. I posted these on battlestar_blog a couple of months ago and forgot to also post them on here. Some of you may remember this video from when it was accidentally leaked online (in August 2008) before the series finale and was promptly removed. After all this time it has finally been uploaded on YouTube by photographer Dennys Ilic (who made the video). Thank you Dennys!!!! xox

Aaron is on screen at the following time stamps….

Part 1: 02:48 (with Nicki), 03:45 (with Nicki), 04:55 (7 photos)
Part 2: 00:06 (with Rymer), 03:21 (with Nicki & Rymer), 05:07 – 05:32 (Aaron talking to the camera)

2008 saw the filming of the highly anticipated finale of the groundbreaking tv series Battlestar Galactica.

In the final weeks of the episode “Daybreak” photographer Dennys Ilic was allowed on the closed set and experienced many very poignant moments of the end of this incredible series and the parting of this tight family.

Armed with his DSLR and only a small Canon Ixus for video, Dennys captured thousands of images and hours of footage

The end result is this video assembled in one evening on his laptop and Final Cut Pro in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

The Video is a tribute the wonderful, late Harvey Frand who served as Producer/Supervising Producer for 73 episodes.

Without the kindness of Harvey and the warm welcoming nature of all the BSG cast and crew including the incredible Michael and Loretta Rymer and Edward James Olmos, this would not exist.

In 2009 this video screened at Paramount Pictures main Theatre to an audience of cast, crew and Universal Pictures/NBC Executives for Harvey’s Memorial.

This was orchestrated by the awesome Bill Bowersock – Thank you Bill for allowing me to show my appreciation of Harvey at such a special time ~ Denny