THE BRIDGE: Aaron Ashmore guest stars on ‘The Bridge’

Aaron Ashmore guest stars on ‘The Bridge’
Interviewee: Aaron Ashmore
By: Tyrone Warner
Date: April 8, 2010
Source: CTV


Note: This is an interview with AARON ASHMORE who plays Ben in episode 1×07: God Bless The Child of THE BRIDGE.


The Canadian star known for playing Jimmy Olsen on “Smallville” is set for an appearance on CTV’s gritty crime drama.

Ashmore plays a rookie cop named George in the new episode of “The Bridge” entitled “God Bless the Child,” where a kidnapping occurs in one rich neighborhood and one poor neighborhood.

“The Bridge” stars Aaron Douglas as police union boss Frank Leo, a controversial leader who is constantly at odds with the brass. The series, shot on location in Toronto, airs Friday nights on CTV.

Ashmore, whose twin brother Shawn has appeared in the “X-Men” movies, appreciates the break from his regular gig to take on a more mature role.

“I’m looking to play more grown up roles, and it’s nice to step into a part like this where there’s not so much pressure,” says the 30-year-old Ashmore.

“You can get a taste of playing something a little more mature, a little more serious even. I’ve played some serious stuff in the past, but I haven’t played my age. And it’s fun to play a cop, and carry the gun around.”

Ashmore is best known for his portrayal of Marc Hall in the CTV movie “Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story,” and has appeared in episodes of “CSI: NY” and “Veronica Mars.”

“I lean more towards serious roles, I’ve played everything, but that’s what I really respond to. Those are the things I’m most proud of, those types of roles. And when I look back, sometimes you surprise yourself with some of the work you do,” says Ashmore.

The actor says that one of the biggest differences between shooting “The Bridge” and “Smallville,” is that unlike the Superman-inspired series, “The Bridge” shoots mostly on location, instead of a set.

“On location, you have to deal with everything going on around you, like rowdy kids talking, but adds to the atmosphere, or the ambience of the scene,” says Ashmore.

“It makes it real. I think that’s what the show is going for. It’s tough to shoot like that, but that’s what makes the show amazing.”

“The Bridge” also stars Frank Cassini, Inga Cadranel, Michael Murphy, Ona Grauer, Paul Popowich and Theresa Joy.