THE BRIDGE – 1×06: Damned If You Do (April 2, 2010) Episode Details

Air Date: Friday, April 2nd, 2010 @ 10pm on CTV (Canada)
Written By: Tracey Forbes
Director: Paul A. Kaufman
Production Number: 105

Episode Trailer:

Episode Synopsis (short):
Frank defends two cops accused of negligence when they make the life-or-death decision to race an injured child to the hospital without waiting for an ambulance.

Episode Synopsis (long):
When two cops working the projects make the life-or-death decision to rush an injured child to the hospital without waiting for an ambulance, Frank winds up defending them against accusations they aggravated the child’s injuries. As Jill and Alex pursue the suspect who assaulted the child, Frank tries to protect the child’s mother, an ex-junky and informant, who is being manipulated by a greedy lawyer. When the mother turns on Frank, he’s forced to throw the rulebook out the window to save the two cops.


Starring Aaron Douglas
Paul Popowich
Ona Grauer
And Michael Murphy
Frank Cassini
Inga Cadranel
Genadijs Dolganovs
Theresa Joy
Rahnuma Panthaky
Joel Keller
Tamsen McDonough
Alan C. Peterson

Music Composed by ….. Steve D’Angelo, Trevor Morris & Terry Tompkins
Opening Title Song by ….. The Black Keys “I Got Mine”
Editor ….. Jeff Warren
Production Designer ….. Oleg Savytski
Director of Photography ….. Thom Best, C.S.C.
Concept Developed by ….. Dannis Koromilas
Creative Consultant ….. Graeme Manson
Story Editor ….. Dannis Koromilas
Story Editor ….. John McFetridge
Consulting Producer ….. Tracey Forbes
Creative Producer ….. John Fawcett
Co-Executive Producer ….. Peter Mohan
Created by ….. Alan DiFiore
Producer ….. Wendy Grean
Executive Producer ….. Alan Di Fiore
Executive Producer ….. Robert Wertheimer
Executive Producer ….. Adam J. Shully
Produced By ….. Adam J. Shully
Written By ….. Tracey Forbes
Directed By ….. Paul A. Kaufman


FRANK LEO ….. Aaron Douglas
TOMMY DUNN ….. Paul Popowich
ABBY ST. JAMES ….. Ona Grauer
BERNIE KANTOR ….. Frank Cassini
BILLY ….. Theresa Joy
ED WYCOFF ….. Michael Murphy
JILL ….. Inga Cadranel
ALEX ….. Genadijs Dolganovs
KETTLER ….. Joel Keller
WATTS ….. P.J. Lazic
MARK ….. Noah Ryan Scott
OWEN PALTER ….. Darryl Pring
CATHY ….. Tamsen McDonough
MARTA DAVIN ….. Kim Roberts
ELLIOT BUELL ….. Alan C. Peterson
DISPATCHER ….. Rahnuma Panthaky