THE BRIDGE – 1×05: Vexation of Spirit (March 26, 2010) Episode Details

Air Date: Friday, March 26th, 2010 @ 10pm on CTV (Canada) / Saturday, July 31st, 2010 @ 8pm on CBS (USA)
Written By: Graeme Manson
Director: Holly Dale
Production Number: 106

CTV Episode Trailer:

CTV Episode Synopsis (short):
Frank takes down a ring of cops dealing steroids on THE BRIDGE.

CTV Episode Synopsis (long):
When two off-duty cops are involved in a shooting outside a gym, Frank quickly turns from protecting them from Internal Affairs to investigating them for wrong-doing himself. He soon discovers the two cops are dealing steroids. But when investigators get close, a friend of Frank’s is murdered. Frank blames himself for the tragedy and will now stop at nothing to bring down the rogue cops, even if he has to use his dead friend as bait to set a trap.

CBS Episode Synopsis:
When two police officers are involved in an off-duty shooting outside the gym they own, Frank immediately suspects they are using steroids and that their story sounds suspicious, on THE BRIDGE, Saturday, July 31 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Starring Aaron Douglas
Paul Popowich
Ona Grauer
And Michael Murphy
Frank Cassini
Inga Cadranel
Genadijs Dolganovs
Theresa Joy

Guest Starring
Wendy Crewson
Gabriel Hogan
Noah Danby

Music Composed by ….. Steve D’Angelo, Trevor Morris & Terry Tompkins
Opening Title Song by ….. The Black Keys “I Got Mine”
Editor ….. Christopher Donaldson
Production Designer ….. Oleg Savytski
Director of Photography ….. Thom Best, C.S.C.
Concept Developed by ….. Dannis Koromilas
Creative Consultant ….. Graeme Manson
Story Editor ….. Dannis Koromilas
Story Editor ….. John McFetridge
Consulting Producer ….. Tracey Forbes
Creative Producer ….. John Fawcett
Co-Executive Producer ….. Peter Mohan
Created by ….. Alan DiFiore
Producer ….. Wendy Grean
Executive Producer ….. Alan Di Fiore
Executive Producer ….. Robert Wertheimer
Executive Producer ….. Adam J. Shully
Produced By ….. Adam J. Shully
Written By ….. Graeme Manson
Directed By ….. Holly Dale


FRANK LEO ….. Aaron Douglas
TOMMY DUNN ….. Paul Popowich
ABBY ST. JAMES ….. Ona Grauer
BERNIE KANTOR ….. Frank Cassini
BILLY ….. Theresa Joy
ED WYCOFF ….. Michael Murphy
JILL ….. Inga Cadranel
ALEX ….. Genadijs Dolganovs
IRIS ….. Miranda Edwards
KENNEDY ….. Wendy Crewson
TIM ….. Harrison Coe
DARBY ….. Sarah Mennell
DEKE ….. Malcolm Travis
DEKE’s EX WIFE ….. Siobhan Murphy
KAYE ….. Noah Danby
KOVINSKY ….. Gabriel Hogan
WITNESS ….. Carlo Essagian