THE BRIDGE – 1×04: The Unguarded Moment (March 19, 2010) Episode Details

Air Date: Friday, March 19th, 2010 @ 10pm on CTV (Canada) / Saturday, July 24th, 2010 @ 8pm on CBS (USA)
Written By: John McFetridge and Dannis Koromilas
Director: Stuart Margolin
Production Number: 112

CTV Episode Trailer:

CTV Episode Synopsis (short):
Frank must take over the negotiations at a hostage taking in order to free a badly wounded cop.

CTV Episode Synopsis (long):
A cop is badly wounded during a robbery at a restaurant and is held hostage along with the other customers. Frank is determined to get the cop out alive. But when the Chief orders the undermanned SWAT team to stand down, Frank has to convince the Sergeant in charge to go against the Chief’s orders. Frank quickly takes over as negotiator but when the thieves refuse to make any demands for money, the situation becomes even more bizarre. If the thieves don’t want money, what do they want? As Frank races against the clock, the wounded cop’s chances of survival are quickly diminishing right before his eyes.

CBS Episode Synopsis:
When an officer is shot in the line of duty and Chief Wycoff orders the Tactical team to stand down, Frank takes matters into his own hands, on THE BRIDGE, Saturday, July 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Starring Aaron Douglas
Paul Popowich
Ona Grauer
And Michael Murphy
Steve Byers
Michael Eklund
Rob Stewart
Brandon McGibbon
Lesley Faulkner
John Boylan

Creative Team (before the Main Title):
Music Composed by ….. Steve D’Angelo, Trevor Morris & Terry Tompkins
Opening Title Song by ….. The Black Keys “I Got Mine”
Editor ….. Christopher Donaldson
Production Designer ….. Oleg Savytski
Director of Photography ….. Thom Best, C.S.C.
Concept Developed by ….. Dannis Koromilas
Creative Consultant ….. Graeme Manson
Story Editor ….. Dannis Koromilas
Story Editor ….. John McFetridge
Consulting Producer ….. Tracey Forbes
Creative Producer ….. John Fawcett
Co-Executive Producer ….. Peter Mohan
Created by ….. Alan DiFiore

Creative Team (after the Main Title):
Producer ….. Wendy Grean
Executive Producer ….. Alan Di Fiore
Executive Producer ….. Robert Wertheimer
Executive Producer ….. Adam J. Shully
Produced By ….. Adam J. Shully
Written By ….. John McFetridge & Dannis Koromilas
Directed By ….. Stuart Margolin


FRANK LEO ….. Aaron Douglas
TOMMY DUNN ….. Paul Popowich
ABBY ST. JAMES ….. Ona Grauer
ED WYCOFF ….. Michael Murphy
ELLA ….. Lesley Faulkner
WAITRESS ….. Shealyn Angus
MUNSON ….. John Boylan
RASK ….. Andrew Kraulis
ANDERS ….. Steve Byers
DEX ….. Michael Eklund
NELLS ….. Brandon McGibbon
UNIFORM COP ….. Chris Seivright
TRAVERS ….. Rob Stewart
NAILGUN ….. Tre Smith
TUNA ….. Desmond Campbell
BUS BOY ….. Matt Murray