THE BRIDGE – 1×03: The Fat Lady Sings the Blues (March 12, 2010) Episode Details

Air Date: Friday, March 12th, 2010 @ 10pm on CTV (Canada) / Saturday, July 17th, 2010 @ 8pm on CBS (USA)
Written By: Alan Di Fiore
Director: John Fawcett
Production Number: 103

CTV Episode Trailer:

CTV Episode Synopsis (short):
Frank is forced to hit the streets and play by the bad guy’s rules after a retired narcotics cop is found murdered.

CTV Episode Synopsis (long):
Someone has killed a retired drug cop and his confidential informant. When another cop comes under suspicion for the murders, Internal Affairs is quickly on the hunt and Frank knows he must stop them before they bring down a lot of good cops in order to get to a single bad one. At the same time, Franks discovers that Ross, a friend and ex-cop, has been suffering vicious beatings while in prison. Frank is forced to cut a deal with a Russian Mob boss to secure protection for Ross and in the process winds up on the heels of the assassin.

CBS Episode Synopsis:
When a retired narcotics cop is found murdered, Frank is forced to hit the streets and play by the bad guys’ rules, on THE BRIDGE, Saturday, July 17 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS Episode Recap:
Frank is learning to juggle all the demands of being the new Union boss when Renzo, a local dealer of counterfeit designer clothes and frequent police informant, is murdered, apparently by a cop. Fortunately, Renzo’s was under surveillance, and, using his police contacts, Frank tracks down the last cop to visit Renzo, ahead of IA. Frank learns that Renzo was killed before the cop got there and their new suspect is the second to last cop to visit Renzo. When they find out the killer is a hitman who because a cop to have better access to his victims, Frank is upset. However, when Frank learns that they’re going to offer the hitman a deal to turn on his Russian mafia bosses, Frank is incensed by the lack of justice

Meanwhile, Frank also walks his friend and former colleague, Ross, into prison, where he’ll be serving a sentence for killing his wife. As a former police officer, Ross is subject to incredible inmate attacks with little help from the guards. Frank decides to trade information on where the hitman is located to the Russian mafia boss, in order to secure protection for Ross.


Starring Aaron Douglas
Paul Popowich
Ona Grauer
And Michael Murphy
Frank Cassini
Inga Cadranel
Genadijs Dolganovs
Theresa Joy
Kris Holden-Reid
Toby Proctor
Sebastian Pigott
Mark Camacho
Tony Nappo

Music Composed by ….. Steve D’Angelo, Trevor Morris & Terry Tompkins
Opening Title Song by ….. The Black Keys “I Got Mine”
Editor ….. Jeff Warren
Production Designer ….. Oleg Savytski
Director of Photography ….. Thom Best, C.S.C.
Concept Developed by ….. Dannis Koromilas
Creative Consultant ….. Graeme Manson
Story Editor ….. Dannis Koromilas
Story Editor ….. John McFetridge
Consulting Producer ….. Tracey Forbes
Creative Producer ….. John Fawcett
Co-Executive Producer ….. Peter Mohan
Created by ….. Alan DiFiore
Producer ….. Wendy Grean
Executive Producer ….. Alan Di Fiore
Executive Producer ….. Robert Wertheimer
Executive Producer ….. Adam J. Shully
Produced By ….. Adam J. Shully
Written By ….. Alan Di Fiore
Directed By ….. John Fawcett


FRANK LEO ….. Aaron Douglas
TOMMY DUNN ….. Paul Popowich
ABBY ST. JAMES ….. Ona Grauer
BERNIE KANTOR ….. Frank Cassini
BILLY ….. Theresa Joy
ED WYCOFF ….. Michael Murphy
JILL ….. Inga Cadranel
ALEX ….. Genadijs Dolganovs
MIKE BODANSKI ….. Kris Holden-Reid
ROSS ….. Toby Proctor
IRIS ….. Miranda Edwards
DRUG COP ….. Darren Hynes
LEON ….. Domenic Cuzzocrea
NICK BABCHENKO ….. Daniel Briere
RENZO ….. Frank Longo
DANNY ….. Sebastian Pigott
CONVICT #1 ….. Mike D’Aguilar
SKINHEAD CONVICT ….. Phil Morrison
LEE ….. Mark Camacho
HARRIS ….. Kent Staines
CARRILLO ….. Kevin Hare
UNIFORM COP ….. Marc Trottier
BENNIE ….. Brandon Ludwig
YURI BABCHENKO ….. Lubomir Mykytiuk