THE BRIDGE: Vancouverite Frank Cassini in ‘The Bridge’

Vancouverite Frank Cassini in ‘The Bridge’
Interviewee: Frank Cassini and Craig Bromell
Date: March 5, 2010
Source: Urban Trendz


Note: This is an interview with FRANK CASSINI who plays Bernie “Rabbi” Kantor and CRAIG BROMELL, the Executive Producer on THE BRIDGE.


In the two-hour series premiere, Friday, March 5 at 9pm on CTV, Frank Cassini portrays the on going role of Sgt. Bernie Kantor, affectionately referred to as “Rabbi.”

“I had a great time shooting The Bridge,” say’s Cassini, “the cast was fun to work, the writing is excellent, and the energy of us exploring new characters on-set was palpable.”

“My character is a go to guy. He’s a veteran who offers a good word here and there to his officers. He’s loved and respected, and stands by his officers no matter what”.

In order to prepare for his role, Cassini participated with the Metro police to ensure accuracy. Written by five-time Gemini Award-winner Alan Di Fiore (“Da Vinci’s Inquest,” “The Handler”), and inspired by insights of former Toronto police union head Craig Bromell, the series debuts with a two-hour premiere, before moving to its regular slot Fridays at 10pm March 12.

“Once I jumped in, I thought the only way we were going to be successful at this was if I take in my knowledge of the street.” say’s executive prodcer Bromell, “Plus shooting in an old police station made it authentic,” said Bromell. Bromell’s time with the Toronto force was spent as an officer at 51 Division. The unit patrolled a district that ranged from wealthy Rosedale to low-income Regents Park.

Dividing these two opposing vicinities was a bridge.

“I started thinking about the bridge that separated these neighbourhoods and social classesn and applied it to law enforcement in general,” explains Bromell. “I found there was also a bridge between the rich and the poor, the good guy and the bad guy, the rank-and-file and the brass. So we use the title as a metaphor for many opposing elements.”

In Friday’s special two-hour series premiere beat cop Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas, ‘Battlestar Galactica’) is fed up. Bridge Division is understaffed, and good cops are being blamed for a spate of mysterious drug rip-offs. Then Frank’s mentor, framed by the corrupt police brass, commits suicide. When Frank realizes the brass won’t give his mentor a police funeral, it’s the last straw. He leads a walkout strike, putting his career and the careers of his entire division on the line. Then, when Frank and his fellow officers are blamed for an act of “Contagious Fire”, the brass sees the perfect opportunity to get rid of Frank once and for all. Frank realizes that in order to save himself and change things, he must take over the reigns of the Police Union. He soon finds himself thrust into a treacherous world of politics, intrigue and violence. And just as he’s become head of the Police Union, Frank is forced to make a critical decision that could ultimately bring him down.

‘The Bridge’ also stars Paul Popowich (‘Angela’s Eyes’) as Frank’s partner and confidante Tommy Dunn; Inga Cadranel (‘Rent-A-Goalie’, ‘MVP’) as Jill, the free-spirited cop on the force; Theresa Joy (‘All the Good Ones Are Married’) as feisty tomboy Police Constable Billy; Ona Grauer (‘Stargate’) as beautiful, passionate prosecutor Abby St. James; Michael Murphy (‘Away from Her,’ ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’) as Chief of Police, and political animal, Ed Wycoff; and Emmy Award winner Stuart Margolin (‘The Rockford Files) as Frank’s father, Vic Leo.