THE BRIDGE – 1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black (March 5, 2010) Episode Details

Air Date: Friday, March 5th, 2010 @ 9pm on CTV (Canada) / Saturday, July 10th, 2010 @ 8pm on CBS (USA)
Written By: Alan Di Fiore
Director: John Fawcett
Production Number: 101/102

CTV Episode Trailer: (30 second commercial)

CTV Episode Trailer: (60 second commercial)

CBS Episode Trailer

CTV Episode Synopsis (short):
When beat cop Frank Leo becomes fed up with the corrupt police brass, he leads a walkout strike and makes himself a target as a renegade union rep.

CTV Episode Synopsis (long):
In the special two-hour series premiere (Friday, March 5 at 9 p.m. ET), beat cop Frank Leo is fed up. Bridge Division is understaffed, and good cops are being blamed for a spate of mysterious drug rip-offs. Then Frank’s mentor, framed by the corrupt police brass, commits suicide. When Frank realizes the brass won’t give his mentor a police funeral, it’s the last straw. He leads a walkout strike, putting his career and the careers of his entire division on the line. Then, when Frank and his fellow officers are blamed for an act of “Contagious Fire”, the brass sees the perfect opportunity to get rid of Frank once and for all. Frank realizes that in order to save himself and change things, he must take over the reigns of the Police Union. He soon finds himself thrust into a treacherous world of politics, intrigue and violence. And just as he’s become head of the Police Union, Frank is forced to make a critical decision that could ultimately bring him down.

CBS Episode Synopsis:
When dedicated street cop Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) learns that there will be no police funeral for his fallen training officer and that his fellow officers are being railroaded for using excessive force, he stages a walkout. Motivated by the pressure of “the brass” who want to bring him down, Frank becomes the head of the police union and fights to bring more protection to the cops on the street; however, unbeknownst to Frank, another fellow officer is involved in a series of drug-deal rip-offs, on the two-hour series premiere of THE BRIDGE, Saturday, July 10 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS Episode Recap:
Police Officer Frank Leo works Bridge Division — a precinct that encompasses the richest and poorest neighborhoods in the city. He’s a dedicated street cop, who inadvertently gets involved in police politics when his training officer dies and there won’t be a police funeral. Frank rallies his fellow officers and upsets the “brass” when he stages an unofficial police funeral. They bug his house. His political agenda gets furthered when fellow officers are being railroaded by the police board with charges of excessive force and he decides to stage a walkout. Unbeknownst to Frank, a colleague of his, Mike, is involved in a series of drug dealer rip-offs. So far, the police department is aware that uniforms are missing, but has no idea what they’re being used for.

Frank negotiates a settlement to the walkout with Police Chief Wycoff, but he’s made himself a target for other members of the “Brass”, who want him gone. When a suspect dies in a gun fight after a police chase, they believe they’ve got leverage to bring Frank down. They send in a fellow officer, wired to ask him questions. They also accuse him of the drug rip-offs. Galvanized by this pressure, Frank becomes the head of the police union and fights to bring more protection to the cops on the street. Unfortunately Chief Wycoff brings him his first major decision: they’ve identified Mike as the cop leading the drug dealer rip-offs and have tape of him saying to kill other cops if they get in the way. Frank must give permission for them to use lethal force to bring Mike in. Frank has no choice but to give the order, however, works to find a better solution. As he heads home, Frank’s fellow cop, Ross, shows up – he’s accidentally killed his wife and needs Frank’s help.


Starring Aaron Douglas
Paul Popowich
Ona Grauer
And Michael Murphy

Frank Cassini
Inga Cadranel
Theresa Joy
Raven Dauda
James Carroll
Kris Holden-Ried
Arnold Pinnock
Genadijs Dolganovs
With Stuart Margolin

Casting ….. Marsha Chesley, C.D.C.
Music Composed by ….. Steve D’Angelo, Trevor Morris & Terry Tompkins
Opening Title Song by ….. The Black Keys “I Got Mine”
Editor ….. Jeff Warren
Production Designer ….. Oleg Savytski
Director of Photography ….. Thom Best, C.S.C.
Concept Developed by ….. Dannis Koromilas
Creative Producer ….. John Fawcett
Created by ….. Alan Di Fiore
Producer ….. Wendy Grean
Executive Producer ….. Alan Di Fiore
Executive Producer ….. Robert Wertheimer
Executive Producer ….. Adam J. Shully
Produced By ….. Adam J. Shully
Written By ….. Alan Di Fiore
Directed By ….. John Fawcett


Executive Producer ….. Craig Bromell
Executive Producer ….. Laszlo Barna

FRANK LEO ….. Aaron Douglas
TOMMY DUNN ….. Paul Popowich
JILL ….. Inga Cadranel
KANTOR ….. Frank Cassini
BILLY ….. Theresa Joy
ABBY ST. JAMES ….. Ona Grauer
FARNUM ….. James Carroll
ED WYCOFF ….. Michael Murphy
MIKE BODANSKI ….. Kris Holden-Ried
DARRYL ….. Arnold Pinnock
ROSS ….. Toby Proctor
HELEN ….. Jee-Yun Lee
PHIL ….. Robert B. Kennedy
ROBBER #1 ….. Jay Hunter
ROBBER #2 ….. Richard Zeppieri
LEE MURRAY ….. Alastair Forbes
MANI ….. Shaun Shetty
HECTOR ARANDEZ ….. Gerry Mendicino
ROOKIE ….. Michael Harrison
STACKLEY ….. Michael Kash
ROSE ….. Raven Dauda
NEIL ….. Edgar George
CATHY ….. Tamsen McDonough
VIC LEO ….. Stuart Margolin
ALEX ….. Genadijs Dolganovs
LIAM ….. Scotty Cook
MALE PATROL COP ….. Juan-Carlos Velis
FEMALE PATROL COP ….. Shauna Black
JOHN ….. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
IA INVESTIGATOR #1 ….. Kevin Hare
IA INVESTIGATOR #2 ….. Kent Staines
MONSIGNOR ….. Derek Keurvorst
CARL HARBIN ….. Damon Runyan
GEORGE TALLY ….. Marvin Karon
UNION LAWYER ….. Adam Waxman
REPORTER #1 ….. Brett Reason



Produced with the Participation of the Canadian Television Fund
Created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry
Produced with the assistance of the COGECO Program Fund
And with the assistance of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit Program

Created by ….. Robert Wertheimer

Associate Producer ….. Dannis Koromilas

Production Manager ….. James Crouch
1st Assistant Director ….. David Carruthers
2nd Assistant Director ….. Grant Lucibello (1×01) / Yolanda Graci (1×02)

Consultant ….. James Kouf
Art Director ….. Tony Ianni
1st Assistant Art Director ….. Sorin Popescu
1st Assist. Art Director (Graphics) ….. Sean Scoffield
Set Decorator ….. Cheryl Dorsey
Lead Dresser ….. George Venckus
Property Master ….. James Murray
Location Manager ….. Don Cornelius (1×01) / Luis M. Mendoza (1×02)
Assistant Location Manager ….. David Korchok

Costumer Designer ….. Joanne Hansen

Production Coordinator ….. Alice Wickwire Foster (1×01) / Greg Denny (1×02)
Production Accountant ….. Siobhan Rowand
Script Supervisor ….. Lisa Burling
Sound Recordist ….. Michael La Croix
A Camera Operator ….. Dave Sheridan
B Camera Operator ….. J. P. Locherer
Camera 1st Assistants ….. Dean Stinchcombe, John Harper, Yvonne Collins

Make-up Artist ….. Marie Nardellea
Hair Stylist ….. Diana Ladyshewsky
Unit Publicity ….. Holmes Creative Communications (shown in credits for 1×02 not in 1×01)
Transport Coordinator ….. Don Retzer
Stunt Coordinators ….. Shelley Cook
Special Effects Coordinator ….. Warren Appleby
Construction Coordinator ….. Alan Letts
Gaffer ….. Chris Howard
Key Grip ….. Rico Emerson
Financial Services Provided By ….. RBC Financial Group (shown in credits for 1×02 not in 1×01)

Post Production Supervisor ….. Richard J. Anobile
Music Supervisor ….. Michael A. Perlmutter
1st Assistant Picture Editor ….. Sandy M. Pereira, Michelle Szemberg
Supervising Sound Effects Editor ….. Kevin Howard M.P.S.E
Supervising Dialogue Editor ….. Robert ‘RADAR’ Hegedus
Sound Effects Editor ….. Dan Sexton
Dialogue Editors ….. Danielle McBride, Marvyn Dennis
1st Assistant Sound Editor/Dialogue ….. Gren-Erich Zwicker, Joseph Doane
1st Assistant Sound Editor/Effects ….. Jason MacNeill
ADR Mixer & Editor ….. Richard Calistan
Re-Recording Mixers ….. Cory, Mandel, Steve Foster, Paul Shubat
Additional Editing ….. David B. Thompson
HD Colourist ….. Rob Evans

E1 Television Supervising Executive ….. Margaret O’Brien
V.P. of Production ….. Nicole Butler
V.P. of Legal & Business Affairs ….. Elysse Goldman
Director, Production Financing ….. Vanessa Steinmetz
Business Affairs Analyst ….. Julie Fitz-Gerald


“Run Up On It”
Performed by Gangsta Blac
Written by Courtney H Harris
Publish by Songs of Koch / South Parkway Music (BMI)
Courtesy of Koch Records

“Straight From The Heart”
Performed by Skyla Burrell Band
Written by Mark Tomlinson (BMI)
Courtesy of Skyla Burrell
(Website) (MySpace)

“Crazy Kiya Re”
Performed by Aishwariya Rai
Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan
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Courtesy of Yash Raj Music

“One Summer Night”
Performed by The Danleers
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Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Group, Under License from Universal Music Canada

“Nessum Dorman”
Performed by the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra
Richard Bradshaw, conductor
Richard Margeson, tenor
Composed by Giacomo Puccini
Libretto by Guiseppe Adami and Renato Simoni
Courtesy of CBC Records

“Times Is The Enemy”
Performed by Quantic
Written by William Holland (PRS)
Published by Full Thought Publishing
Courtesy of Tru Thoughts Recordings
Licensed courtesy of Third Side Music Inc.

“The Light That Guides You Home” (shown in credits for 1×02 not in 1×01)
Written and performed by Jim Cuddy
Published by Buried Crow Music (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Warner Music Canada Co.


CFL game footage courtesy of the Canadian Football League

Dedicated to front line police everywhere