THE BRIDGE: Talk Is Chic

Talk Is Chic
Interviewee: Inga Cadranel
By: Sara Graham
Date: October 29, 2009


Note: This is an interview with INGA CADRANEL who plays Jill on THE BRIDGE.


Toronto Fashion Week was a whirl of activity and we couldn’t go without crowning a Woman of Style at the end of it all!

Award-winning actress Inga Cadranel was asked by designer Lucian Matis to model one of his pieces in the Dare to Wear Love show that closed Fashion Week. A special honour since Matis is the inaugural winner of the Fashion Design Council of Canada Designer Development Fund Award!

We caught up with Inga relaxing at home the Sunday after …

Runway photo courtesy of Brian Summers

How did you meet Lucian Matis?

Through my friend Amanda at the Style Box. She can take credit for introducing me to the Canadian design scene, and invited me to Lucian’s runway show in 2008. I fell in love with one of his dresses and from that collection and wore it to the Geminis…and I have no qualms about saying I was the best dressed that night! Everyone said so, and lots of pictures were taken.


How did the runway experience go for you?

First off, I was shocked as Lucian knows many actresses so I was flattered he asked me.

[On the night] I was terrified backstage! The celebrity models were mixed with real models so I felt tiny. The [real] models gave great advice, and once I was out I could have stayed there all night! See how it’s an adrenaline rush that could become addictive…And not in a narcissistic way. All that was going through my head was to make the dress look its best. I was surprised how quickly my confidence developed and I hope I did [Lucian’s design] justice!


As your acting career has been evolving, how has that affected your personal style sensibility?

It’s affected my style to the point where I want to look more mature and sophisticated when I go to industry events. I used to play in a punk rock band so my personal style was very “street” and perhaps that intimidated people. I realized I could not dye my hair pink and try to book a [TV] show. Unfortunately people judge and I started to feel that some assumed I was tough and mean.

I’ve found, within high fashion, I can still keep an edge to my style and stay true to myself without freaking people people out!

However, when I go out with my non-industry friends I still go a bit wilder.


Do you employ a personal stylist?

No, I love fashion and don’t like to follow trends. I like to look and know what is current, but I prefer to take elements from that and make them my own.

In LA, everyone is a carbon copy and dressed head-to-toe in the latest trend.

I love being from Canada… We have a unique sense of style. Toronto is amazing in that way, and I am so inspired by what people come up with here.


Where do you like to shop?

My all-time favourite places are the Kensington thrift shops. I like American Apparel’s no-logo neutrals…so hot on their shiny disco pants right now! Once in a while I will find a good piece at H&M. I appreciate Urban Outfitters for the individuality.

I am not a high end shopper. I’d rather hunt for something than pay way too much money for something I’ll only wear once.

That’s why it makes so much sense to have a relationship with a great designer…I can wear a gorgeous dress once and give it back. I mean, it’s just not possible to wear something you’ve been photographed in again. So the designer gets the publicity and we look fab… really works for everybody.


Holt Renfrew event photo
courtesy of George Pimentel

Other Canadian designers you admire/wear?

I really love the colours and cuts of Jason Meyers. Carlie Wong will be designing my Gemini dress. This year in particular she’s got a Madame Butterfly twist to her classic gowns that is stunning. Jaw-dropping.

I have to say Lucian (pictured at left with Inga at the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail) is such an architect. His clothes always make me think, “Wow, how did you come up with that?” He’s inventive, raw, real and romantic…I appreciate what he does. Overall, this was for sure one of my favourite fashion weeks! Happy to see such a strong Canadian contingent…I was proud.


What’s your projected Spring 2010 favourite accessory?

I’m already into these great clutches by eenamaria. [Designer] Sarah Morgan is a friend of mine from Toronto, but now she’s based in NYC. Her bags are very 60s with a spin…I freaked out when she sent me some of her clutches to use during fashion week, and I’ll definitely be pairing them with outfits well into the spring!


Of all the celebs that the media turn into fashion “It” girls, who do you think has a the best grasp on style?

For me, it’s a toss up between Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. The 60s mod look appeals to me, and those girls keep it fresh and current. They both really have a hold on fashion and their own personal style.

Those best and worst lists bother me as often the people who are the “worst” are just trying something unique and it’s way more interesting to me.


No doubt we’ll see this rising star on many a red carpet in the future!

Cadranel is also starting to gear up for the debut of her new show The Bridge in which she plays Jill, a detective with attitude who’s moving up the ranks of a fictitious Canadian police department. Originally shot by CTV, the series was recently picked up by CBS as part of their must-see TV lineup and will premiere on both networks in January/February 2010.

With dozens of big and small screen rolls – including the upcoming thriller Killshot and hit series like The Eleventh Hour, Leap Years, Relic Hunter and ReGenesis – Inga has also worked with some of Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses. To date, she counts Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke, Donald Sutherland and John Heard as some of her co-stars. Definitely one to watch!