THE BRIDGE: E1 packs drama, factual for Cannes

E1 packs drama, factual for Cannes
By: Martin Buxton
Date: September 25, 2009
Source: C21Media


Two police dramas, two factual series and a science-fiction kids drama are heading up Canadian indie E1 Entertainment’s Mipcom slate this year.

Copper, already sold to ABC in the US and Global Television in Canada, is a one-hour workplace drama that centres on five rookie police officers. E1 Entertainment handles international distribution.

Joining it at Cannes is fellow police procedural The Bridge (13×60′), which stars Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica), as a police union leader who must battle against not only criminals but also his own bosses in order to protect the officers he represents. The series will air on CBS in the US and Canwest Global in Canada.

In the factual vein are Outlaw Bikers, which airs on History Television in Canada and follows biker gang the Hells Angels; and makeover Re-Vamped, which follows eight single women in their bid to get in shape and form a burlesque troupe. Revamped is also available as a format.

Finally, teen-targeting sci-fi series Stormworld (26×30′) centres on two friends who are transported to a parallel universe.



WEBMISTRESS NOTE: I asked Aaron about this because I thought Cannes was just a film festival. He said that Cannes has two festivals. One is for selling TV shows internationally and the other is for films.

USA (CBS), Canada (CTV), Latin America (AXN), France (Marathon and Double V), Germany (Tele-Munchen Gruppe), Iceland (ITC), Italy (AXN) and Africa (AXN) are already getting The Bridge. So fingers crossed for the UK and Australia.

P.S. Ignore the part in the article where it says that The Bridge is airing on Canwest Global in Canada. It’s not. It’s airing on CTV.