CONVENTION PHOTOS: Fan Expo Canada 2009 (Toronto, Ontario. CANADA) August 30th, 2009

Note: I cropped yubsie out of the photo because I found her LJ entry via a google alert.

Photo © 2009 — yubsie (LiveJournal)

Photos © 2009 — Cyberpunk Comics booth babes Beth and Syndi pose with an incredibly nice guy and my favorite actor from Battlestar Galactica! Aaron Douglas is the great Canadian actor who played Chief Galen Tyrol. He is one of the coolest people I met at the con. Make sure to say hi to him at Dragon Con 2009 in Atlanta. Aaron was so amazingly friendly that he stopped by the Cyberpunkcomics booth at the end of the day to say hi and compliment Renzo on his t-shirt design! I wish Aaron all the best on his new show, The Bridge, where he will be playing the well-deserved lead role!

Aaron Douglas

Photo © 2009 — marajade11sm (Flickr)