THE BRIDGE: Praise for Aaron and The Bridge

I finally had a chance to go through the bazillion google alerts for the CBS upfront. Here are some of the great comments/praise for Aaron and THE BRIDGE ….

1:56 p.m.: The Bridge appears to be Norma Rae meets The Wire meets Third Watch. Aaron Douglas looks fabulous; it’s great to see him break out from the Battlestar Galactica ensemble.

Source: Watch with Kristin – E! Online

Not too much was shown for the mid-season but we did get a look at Aaron Douglas‘ police drama The Bridge and Reality series Undercover Boss. Douglas was born to play a cop, at least once in his career, and he seemed to do a fine job in the trailer we saw. The show seems to deal more with politics of policing and unions than the actual police work itself, which I liked. Tassler also played up Douglas‘ star potential, which she hopes The Bridge will shine a light on.

Source: UGO – TV Blog

The Bridge: This Canadian import stars “Battlestar Galactica’s” Aaron Douglas as a beat cop who becomes head of the union for his fellow officers and takes on all the burdens that entails. Douglas shows a ton of charisma in the role, and it’s a slightly different take on the typical cop show that could make it worth checking out.

Source: Zap2it

I love the comment about how Nina Tassler (CBS President of Entertainment) “played up Douglas’ star potential”. It’s so great to hear that the network is behind Aaron and the show.