INTERVIEW (VIDEO): eTalk – Extended Interviews (on the set of ‘The Bridge’) (May 7, 2009)

Below are video interviews with Aaron Douglas, Paul Popowich, Frank Cassini and guest star Aaron Ashmore, that aired on the CTV player on May 7th, 2009.

etalk visits the set of the new hit show ‘The Bridge’ to get the inside scoop on this hot new cop drama!

etalk : extended – The Bridge : Aaron Douglas
We find out what its like to be part of a Canada-U.S. production from “The Bridges” Aaron Douglas.



Below are some video interviews with Aaron’s co-stars on THE BRIDGE. In the interview with Aaron Ashmore, ‘our Aaron’ walks past him (time stamp 01:24) and says something. I won’t spoil it. You’ll have to watch it :)

etalk : extended – The Bridge : Paul Popowich
Paul Popowich tells etalk what makes a good TV cop.


etalk : extended – The Bridge : Frank Cassini
“The Bridge” star Frank Cassini tells etalk what it was like to work with real cops on the show.


etalk : extended – The Bridge : Aaron Ashmore
Aaron Ashmore guest-stars on “The Bridge” and we find out what its like to play such a mature role.