Juno Awards 2009 (March 28 – 29, 2009) Vancouver, BC. CANADA

Juno Awards 2009 – The Artist Sanctuary, Loden Hotel (March 28, 2009) Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Aaron Douglas

Ben Rispin (Saint Alvia)

Photographer: George Pimentel (WireImage)

Kenny Bridges (Moneen)

Kandyse McClure (BSG)

Aaron Chapman (The Town Pants)

Photographer: Pete Nema


JunoFest 2009 – The Dudes & Arkells @ The Roxy (March 29, 2009) Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

Kandyse McClure (BSG)

Photographer: Pete Nema

From Pete’s website (where the above photo was posted) …….

As The Artist Sanctuary started to come to a close for the day, people started to make plans for the evening. During the afternoon Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica) and I had spent some time talking about music, and we decided to meet up at The Roxy to catch a band called The Dudes and then the Arkells. The Dudes were on a recommendation from a friend of Aaron’s and (just in case you haven’t noticed yet) I sort of enjoy getting out to see the Arkells every now and then, so it seemed like a good combination.

Source: Pete Nema – The Dudes, Arkells @ The Roxy (Photos and Review)


And the following is from an interview with Pete, where he talks about Aaron …….

Question: Who was your favourite encounter at the Juno after parties?

Answer: It’s an easy answer but maybe not what people would expect. I’m looking at this guy and I recognize him but I’m thinking through all the bands I’ve photographed — I photographed over 190 bands just last year — so I’ll recognize people but I can’t remember all the names. Then finally I hear someone say “Battlestar Galactica” So, I met Aaron Douglas and Kandyse McClure. I got a long with Aaron. He has a good sense of humor, and he’s interested in music and photography. We met up and went to see that bands that night including The Arkells — one of my favourites.

Source: A Table For One – National Photographic Pete Nema Interview