INTERVIEW (VIDEO): Homorazzi (March 28, 2009) Juno Awards 2009

Below are two videos of Aaron being interviewed by Homorazzi at the Juno Awards (March 28, 2009).


Homorazzi Hangs with Aaron Douglas

As you may know, many of us here at have been avid fans of Battlestar Galactica since the show first aired 4 years ago, so it’s no surprise that we were thrilled at the chance to hang out with Aaron Douglas this weekend at the Artist Sanctuary party for the Juno Awards!

For those less-seasoned BSG fans, Aaron played Chief Galen Tyrol who has played an integral role throughout the series. Most recently, in the last season of the show, “the Chief” was identified as one of the final 5 cylon models, which afforded Aaron some great opportunities to flex his serious acting muscles with some very challenging scenes. If you haven’t watched the series, you’re missing out and should definitely get into it.

In addition to our on-screen love of Aaron for his involvement with BSG, our time spent with him at The Artist Sanctuary only made us love him even more. He’s AWESOME!! You’ll see from the interview clip below, he’s really friendly and we had a lot of laughs both on and off camera all day. After our interview, the beautiful Kandyse McClure also showed up to the party (more on that interview to come) and the two of them together were hilarious. We were laughing and joking the whole day and Aaron is definitely in tune with the gay scene… just wait until you see some of the future clips with Kandyse!

Next up for Mr. Douglas is a lead role on the new show The Bridge which is based on the life of Craig Bromell of the Toronto police force and if Aaron brings to it the same skill and talent that he brought to Battlestar, the show is destined to be a success!

Source: Homorazzi Hangs with Aaron Douglas