BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – David Eick Video Blogs: The Final David Eick Video Blogs

Aaron is in 12 of the final 13 BSG video blogs.

NOTE: There are spoilers from the finale in these video blogs.

Oh, The Things You Find on BSG
The crew talk about all the little things you can find on the BSG set.

time stamp: 02:34 – 02:10

Yet More Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor
Some of the scenes that didn’t make it the first time around.

time stamp: 03:13, 02:48 – 02:36, 02:17 – 02:14, 01:18 – 01:16

I Am the Fifth
Kate Vernon discusses her thoughts on being the fifth and final Cylon.

time stamp: 01:08 – 00:58, 00:37 – 00:28

Too Bad So Sad
A Casino planet? Rolling around on skulls? Ideas that didn’t quite make it onto the show.

time stamp: 03:21 – 02:48

Reflections on Battlestar Galactica
The cast talk about what Battlestar Galactica means to them.

time stamp: 01:27 – 01:14, 00:25 – 00:21

How Will it Be Remembered?
The cast and crew share their thoughts on how they think BSG will be remembered.

time stamp: 04:16 – 03:48, 02:30 – 02:24 and 01:58 – 01:57 (just the back of Aaron – he’s the one in the black tshirt), 01:29 – 01:19

Favorite Battlestar Galactica Moment
Ron and the cast discuss their favorite moments from the show.

time stamp: 02:34 – 02:12

… All Good Things …
Ron and the cast discuss shooting the final scenes and dealing with the end.

time stamp: 05:17 – 04:44

Final Read Through
The cast and Ron have an emotional read through of the series finale.

Do You Believe in Angels?
The cast and crew talk about their opinions on celestial beings from … up there …

time stamp: 02:37 – 02:22

So This is Earth
The cast talk about shooting on location, that location being: Earth.

time stamp: 02:42 – 02:13

Ron, the cast and crew give their thanks.

time stamp: 03:19 – 03:04
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