Emissary – Press Release

Below is the official press release about the Emissary guest panel at New York Comic Con 2009.

Emissary @ New York Comic Con

NEW YORK, NY โ€“ February 3rd, 2009 — All those attending New York Comic Con are invited to a special panel presentation of “Emissary” the new series starring Philip Morris. The panel takes place Friday, February 6th at 6pm and will include the first look at Emissary’s teaser footage and a Q&A with the stars.

Emissary is the story of anthropologist Campbell Essex discovering his destiny as the latest in a line of “Emissaries” or peak humans. Constantly pursued by ancient enemies who seek his power, Campbell struggles to overcome his own limitations before it’s too late.

The series, created by Philip Morris and Dekker Dreyer, spans several hundred years and touches on serious issues of what it means to be human while bringing a new level of brutal realism to the sci-fi / fantasy genre.

“As an actor, I have had wonderful experiences in the sci-fi / action-adventure world. With “Emissary”, I get a chance to bring my own sense of expression to this vital genre, as an actor, producer, and writer. I also get the chance to use skills that the audience may not know that I truly possess, like the martial arts. In meeting Dekker Dreyer and collaborating with him, it has all come together, and I’m very grateful. I am excited to bring this to the fans, and hope that they appreciate what we’re doing. Being a comic book geek myself, it’s important to me to honor the fans with this material. We’re a picky bunch, and if they like it, I will be happy.” – Philip Morris, co-creator.

With New York City being the primary backdrop for the first leg of the series, the creative team hopes to craft a rich bed to the action.

“I live in NYC and there are plenty of strange things that happen there every day. We wanted danger to be around every corner. Old buildings, old mysteries… strange people, those things excite me. At its core Emissary is a fantastic story and it’s easy for a show to stretch too far from a believable, grounded universe. Phil and I are both big fans of hiding the extraordinary inside the everyday. Here we have elements of a dark real-world story, but ultimately it’s a hopeful fantasy.” – Dekker Dreyer, co-creator.

The Emissary cast includes Philip Morris (Smallville), Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica), Brian Thompson (X-File, Star Trek: Enterprise) and Emmy nominee Thaao Penghlis with additional cast members Yuri Lowenthal and J LaRose in attendance at the NYCC panel.

The series, produced by Mnemosyne LLC and the Emissary Partners, is scheduled to begin production in late 2009 currently slated for IPTV distribution.