MediaBlvd (Kandyse McClure) January 30, 2009

Kandyse McClure Interview
By: Kenn Gold & Shaun Daily
Date: January 30, 2009
Source: MediaBlvd


Note: This is a snippet of an interview with KANDYSE MCCLURE where she mentions AARON DOUGLAS. To read the full interview, click HERE.

SPOILER WARNING: Do not click on the above link to read the full interview if you have not seen all of the S4.5 episodes that have aired so far.


Shaun: Do you have an Aaron Douglas story? Everybody I’ve talked to from Battlestar seems to have one.

That’s dangerous! (laughs).


Shaun: I see Aaron a lot here in Vegas, he comes here like every weekend.

He loves Vegas. How much time does he spend in Vegas? Well, this might be a bit embarrassing for both of us. But it happened. At the wrap party for the mini-series we were at a restaurant, and we really didn’t know each other very well then. I remember Aaron had these Hunter S. Thompson-esque gold sunglasses. They were so Vegas, and the loudest shirt you’ve ever seen in your whole life. We were watching the gag reel and you just hear this voice from the back of the crowd. “Look at her eyes, she’s fucking gorgeous, look at her eyes!” You turn around and there’s Aaron Douglas. I understand it was a compliment, but I was like, “Oh God! Who is this person?” It’s a good story because Aaron and I have come to be really good friends over the years. He actually understands me a great deal more than I understand myself sometimes. For as grumpy as he can be, he is excessively charming, that Mr. Douglas.


Kenn: You mentioned a wrap party, I think it was on Sci Fi Wire, or one of the interviews you did last week, you said you didn’t get to go to the series wrap party. Was that because you were somewhere else filming, or what?

Yes, and I totally should have clarified that. I was invited. I think it was an American bank holiday that weekend and different people were out of town. So they moved the date a couple of times, and I had been booked for a convention in Australia a little while before that. It just ended up being bad timing. I was in Australia with Jules Staite and Nichelle Nichols, and I got to miss the party unfortunately. But the producers of the convention were really sweet. They got me a huge Battlestar cake. I should put those pictures up because they are really classic. They got me a huge cake with the Battlestar emblem on it, and I got to be there with Nichelle Nichols. They called a bunch of the cast and got them to leave messages. They played their messages from the wrap party for me while I was in Australia. So I heard from Michael Trucco, Aaron Douglas and Tahmoh Penikett. They were at the party kind of screaming into their cell phones so I felt like I was there.