INTERVIEW: Ask The Chief (Q&A with fans) Jan 2009

Ask The Chief (Q&A with fans)
Date: January 14, 2009
Source: The Chief’s Deck (Aaron Douglas LiveJournal Community)



meshel73: The 10 questions that host James Lipton asks on Inside the Actors Studio

01. What is your favorite word?
02. What is your least favorite word?
03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
04. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
05. What sound or noise do you love?
06. What sound or noise do you hate?
07. What is your favorite curse word?
08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
09. What profession would you not like to do?
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

1. Boob
2. brussel sprout
3. Great music
4. really shitty commercials that the frakkin networks play over and over and over
5. silence
6. whispering
7. cock biter because it is such a bad thing
8. NHL goaltender
9. anything in sales
10. It doesn’t but IF it did I would like to hear that Elvis, John Candy and Debbie are over at the bar.

amysisson: Hi Aaron! Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica board game? It’s actually quite good, and true to the show. Would you ever play it, or would that just be too weird?

No, and yes I would but only if the Chief had maximum killing power.

rebelliousrose: Hello, Aaron, and thank you.

I have two questions now;

How come you’d rather play Pendergast and not D’Agosta? I love them both, but D’Agosta’s just fun. He gets to order around the Mayor of New York. Perhaps you are a fan of correctly brewed green tea?

In the DVD extras, in The 12 Cylons, there is a shot of you on the phone in the hangar bay, in civvies, and all of a sudden a bunch of deckhands go by you with pillows- were those to cushion Sharon’s landing, or is there a deckhand sleepaway camp on Earth?

When did I say I would rather play Pendergast? I would be absolutely wrong for Pendergast. Callum Keith Renne would be perfect for Pendergast. D’Agosta is much more up my alley.

Has that aired? I don’t think it has. We were rehearsing, that is why I was in my sweats.

imfiery: Hi Aaron,

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

What do you like most about your new character Frank Leo?

Where in the world would you most like to vacation?

On new Caprica, they had you wearing specs (handsome look by the way) and then when everyone got rescued, they were gone. What’s up with that? No Opticians on Galactica?

Frank Leo…. In a way he is much like the Chief. He is a real man, you always know where you stand with him, he is honest and loyal. You have one chance with him and if you blow it, you are out. He does not let many people close to him but those that are close to him fall under his protective umbrella. He is a good man.

Vacation? Somewhere I have never been. Somewhere hot with pristine beaches and no one around. I want to sit on a beach for 2 weeks and just quietly read.

That is a good question. I don’t know what they did with that. I know the prop guys still have them. They are in a box somewhere.

baterista9: This will read “funny”, but I’m serious.

In general, do costumers provide EVERYTHING, including underwear and socks, or are there some “bring your own” items? (I assume that Wardrobe provides skivvies when the scene calls for the character to be seen in them. )


When the scene calls for underwear they will give you options to wear. Otherwise you wear your own…. or not.

catko: Hi, Aaron, thanks for doing this. I know it was ages ago, but I loved your small part on Reaper as the Devil’s Delivery Guy. You looked great and the bit was hilarious.
1) Can you say anything about what it was like to work on that show?
2) Is there any chance you’ll be returning? Will another contract be delivered?
3) How did it feel to wear the demon horns?

1. I really enjoyed my time on Reaper. A great crew and a really talented cast.

2. I doubt I will be back. I wish but I seriously doubt it.

3. Anytime you have prosthetics it is a real pain to sit in the chair for hours and get them applied but the make-up ladies on reaper were outstanding and we had a great chat. Once they are on you really don’t notice them, till you look in the mirror or knock them off changing a shirt.

maritas: Hi Aaron, do you think you’ll coming back to DragonCon next year?

I am most certainly planning on it. I doubt it will be as a guest but I plan on coming as an attendee with my brother and the rest of the lads.

We all had a blast last year.

Dragoncon is the best con of them all and if you have not been….GO!!!

shaylyn29: Hi Aaron, Thank You for taking the time to answer some of our questions.

1. Do you read the fan mail you receive? Do you ever reply to any?
2. I’m a big hockey fan, although my team isn’t doing good for our 100th season. Anyhow Mats Sundin made his debut for Vancouver the other night, your thoughts?
3. Has Edward James Almos heard your impression of him as Commander Adama? What does he think of it? You really almost sound exactly like him.

1. I read all of it. I try to respond when I can.

2. It will take Mats some time to find his timing but I fully expect he will be outstanding once he gets on track. He is an incredibly talented hockey player.

3. Eddie knows very well of my impression of him. When BSG had readthroughs of the script and Eddie was unavailable I would do all of the Adama parts. It would be quite funny when Adama would have a scene with Tyrol. It was just me talking for 2 pages.

boonav: Hello dear Aaron! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to some of your fans’ Qs! Here are a just a couple: (okay so I lied)

When ya have time to read, what type of literature do you enjoy? (Come on, you’re a closet romance reader aren’t ya?)

Of all of the characters that you have been able to play over the years,
what one(s) did you find the most interesting and why?

If there truly was a genie in the bottle.. What three wishes would you make?

You have said that you found Dragon Con to be a great convention to come to, but what makes it a good one in your opinion over some of the others that you have attended?

You hail from Canoodia. So I am assuming that you got your actin’ chops there. Are there any old shows of yours out on DVD that you could recommend? or beg us NOT to get (tee hee hee)?

Your autographed photo is on the wall in my office. You were/are so generious with your time for your fans. My Q is… what is the oddest thing that has happened to you in a fan encounter?

On a personal note I would like to say that you are a very nice and great guy. Thanks for being funny, truthful, candid, and a cutey patooty (I guess I need to thank your folks for that one). You are frakkin awesome and I hope that nothing spoils that for you! Take care, God speed! I bow to you with respect.

Lisa aka Boonav

HA…. no, no romance, unless you count Wilbur Smith.
I read a lot of history books. And I read Wilbur Smith, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Right now I am in middle of The Library of Congress World War 2 Companion. It is amazing.
And if you are looking for some great Sci-fi go get anything by Peter Watts.

I will answer Chief until something more interesting comes along. Not only because I played him for 5 years, longer than any other character I have played but the sheer volume of his experience is astounding. Galen will always be a part of me.

Genie…. I would wish for 1,000 wishes

Dragoncon is Vegas without the gambling… ok, without the slots… It is totally “ureal”. I mean unreal in that it is not real. It is the best escape from the everyday. You get to spend an entire weekend with your closest friends with full permission to be an adult. The City of Atlanta, the convention itself, the hotels which host everyone and the people attending do an amazing job of allowing people to have fun and make their own choices. There is wonderful security but so often that security and the heavy handedness of a city or a hotel treats people like children. I am an adult, let me be an adult. Dragoncon, the hotels and the city of Atlanta allow this. If I want to stay up till 5 am having a beer with my friends, no problem. I hate it when other people impose their morals or belief in how I ‘should’ behave on me. Dragoncon does not do that. They treat their guests and attendees with respect and they give them the best bang for their buck. Dragoncon are not greedy profiteers like some other cons we know…. one in particular….
I will always recommend Dragoncon. I brought my brother and 6 of my closest friends last year and to a man they said it was the best weekend of all time. They were asking me to book flights and hotel for next year in the car on the way back to the airport. As my brother put it, “It is the funniest movie you have ever seen…but it is 4 days long.”
Of course hanging out with Tony, Andrew, Keith and Tracy doesn’t hurt either.

Old shows? not really sure. I am not embarrassed of anything. Some performances were not great but it is where I was in the development of my career.

There have been many…. Last year at Dragoncon a group of about 6 women and one guy came to me and asked me to pass on the guys phone number to one of my cast mates and to let that cast mate know that this gentleman would love to meet for a drink or dinner. The guy was too shy to do it himself so one of the ladies did it for him. He was too shy to even talk to me about it which I thought hilarious, that and the fact that the cast mate who he wanted to meet for a drink is not gay. I must admit I had to rethink my beliefs of this cast mate for a second but no, he is not gay. HA! That was funny!

Well thank you for your questions and your sweet words.

See you at Dragoncon.

oriencor: Hey Trouble – here’s my two questions:

What’s your favorite movie and why?

If Hollywood decided to do a remake of Bladerunner (I know, the horror, but it’s a what if question.) and offered you a role in it, which would you take and why?

I have so many favorite movies… wow… I play desert island with my friends sometimes, 5 DVD’s, 5 CD’s, 5 Books, 5 meals etc etc… and I think right now my 5 movies would be:

Thin Red Line
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Star Wars IV
Office Space
Pink Panther Strikes Again

I would have to read it first, look at who is directing and get a feel for what they planned. I would not trust many people with that remake but I think Bryan Singer or Tim Burton would make one hell of a film.

saberivojo: Hi Aaaron, thanks for doing this. It is great that you are willing to “chat” with us.

I’m a big music fan so the burning question I have is What type of music do you listen to? Who is on your IPOD? Do you have favorites and who are they?

Thanks again.


I have thousands of songs on my ipod. I listen to literally everything.

When I wake up I put on classical, usually Mozart or Hadyn or Yo Yo Ma.

As I answer these questions I am listening to Ladysmith Black Mambazo

txcynna: Just one question so I can decide if I will stay for the entire weekend…

Will you be at All-Con in Dallas this March? I wanted to see you and James at FedConUSA but we all know how that turned out… I was sad. very sad.


I had an amazing time last year at All-con. They were so professional and treated me so very well. And the fans were tremendous.

I will not be returning as a guest of the con this year BUT…. the members of the 501st are very eager to have me back to have a pint with them and goof off a bit. So right now, my pal Brian is working very hard on organizing a room and flight for me so I can get down there.
It will depend on my schedule which can change hour to hour but right now it is looking good for me to be seen in Dallas in March. You heard it here first.
Of course Michelle will keep you posted on this.

Lets all put Fedcon behind us and move forward… YES WE CAN!!!!


canadiangirl_86: Hey, Aaron! Thanks so much for doing this for us again.

A question for a fellow Canadian: what do you find to be the main differences between working on a Canadian set with a Canadian crew versus an American one?

Also, you took Mats Sundin from my city! What’s that about?

It was so great meeting you at FanExpo this summer even though I wish I’d had the guts to talk to you a bit longer. You totally took away the disappointment of Jamie Bamber cancelling. And thanks for your artwork! I should sell it on Ebay. Haha.

I have never worked on a US set but I would imagine the difference would be that they talk baseball and we are always looking for the hockey scores.

the great thing about this industry is that, for the most part, everyone on set is there because they want to be and not because they are just punching a clock. It is an amazing environment to work in when people are genuinely excited to be doing what they are doing. The crew on BSG was absolutely outstanding!!

You guys ran Mats out of your city with your shitty shitty team… ha
I would take the last 37 years of the Canucks over the last 37 years of the Leafs ANY FRAKKIN DAY!!

It was too bad Jamie had to cancel. I would have loved to have been there with him. I always have a great time with Jamie and I am very honored to call him friend. He is an exceptional actor and a really really good man, husband and father.

Talk to me longer next time.

fehrlybrendan: Hello Aaron, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

I was wondering would you ever have liked to play a viper pilot on the show or is there any other character/actor that you wish the Chief had interacted with more?

Have you ever been to Ireland? If not would you like to visit someday?

Is there any particular role that you would like to explore and are you looking to move away from the science-fiction genre for a while?

Take care and thanks again!

I have no desire to be a pilot.

more interaction?….. I love working with Mary. I would have like more time with the other 7 cylons.

Never been to Ireland but it is high on my list. I hear it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that the people are extraordinary. I have ancestors on my natural fathers side. My grandfather was a captain in the merchant marine during the 2nd world war and he was from Ireland. And I hear they have beer in Ireland… and whiskey… now that is my kind of country!!

I desperately want to do a World War 2 period piece. I would do it for free…. don’t tell my agent I just said that. I really wanted something in Band of Brothers 2 War in the Pacific but I couldn’t do anything.

If anyone has a role in a period war film…. call me!!!

beetlemier: Hi, Aaron! Wanted to say that even though I’ve never met you, you come across as such a fun and great guy. You’re so good to your fans and we all love you so much (yeah, a bit creepy there – sorry!). 3 questions:

1. I know that you’re a rock fan, so do you listen to Metallica? If so, what do you think of the new release? As good as the early stuff?

2. Any tattoos? If not, any that you’d consider getting?

3. Do you think that Chief loved Cally? If this information is given in the episodes still left to air, you don’t have to answer. I guess I mean in the past seasons.

Thank you so much for your time!

1. Yes, great band. Saw them recently on the new tour, outstanding concert. Nothing will be as good as Kill em All, Ride the Lightning or Garage Days but those were seminole moments in my childhood so I am looking through the lens of “Holy Shit this is awesome” as a teenager.

2. nope

3. In his way perhaps. The way you love a negative, overbearing, grumpy, whiny gasbag.

Nicki Clyne is nothing like Cally by the way.

katie_9918: Hi, Aaron! Thanks for doing these Q&As! My question is one I’ve had for a while and I was going to ask the panel at Dragon*Con, but I lost my nerve because I didn’t want to seem like I had an attitude about it, especially in front of the three people involved in the situation.

When Helo airlocked the Cylon prisoners before the Fleet could use them to send the virus to the Resurrection Ship, he got off with barely even a slap on the wrist, and this was after he made a galling comment about his presumptions of what New Caprica was like for those living under the Occupation. Now, I understand that Helo did the right thing, but my point of view says that it’s not like most of the ships in the Fleet can defend themselves. They depend on Galactica to defend them and Helo made it possible for the Cylons to keep terrorizing the Fleet, keep killing innocent people, keep driving them to despair, and I can’t believe he got off scot-free.

And then, a few episodes later, the Chief tries to make life better for the civilians and he gets tossed in lock-up and his wife’s life is threatened. Now, I know there were mitigating circumstances, being that Chief dragged his deck crew into the fray and it was a mutiny. I was with him right until he did that. But I still don’t think the punishment fit the offense, especially in light of what happened when Helo committed treason and got off scot free.

My question is, what are your thoughts on those two situations? Do you think they’re comparable in any way, and were there ever any discussions on the subject, especially given the clear parallels being made between the officers and the non-commissioned people on the ship? Sort of like the officers being given carte blanche to run around the ship, picking and choosing which orders to disregard, and the moment the Chief steps out of line, Adama lines up Cally against the wall and threatens to have her shot.

Also, I’m probably one of the five people who actually loved and adored Cally, even with her big flaws, because she reflected the way I believe I would honestly feel when placed in those situations. It seems like to me she’s gotten a lot of flak for having negative feelings about these situations she was always placed in and I really adored the Chief/Cally relationship and was heartbroken when she died. I’ve heard a lot of fans commenting that she deserved to die because she was planning to take Nick with her out the airlock.

I’m not sure if you’re the person to be asking (the writers or Nicki Clyne might be better equipped to answer the question), but do you believe Cally had a change of heart after hearing what Tory had to say in that airlock during “The Ties That Bind?” It might be my affection for the character clouding my view, but I honestly believe that she found some hope and regained some faith in you (that is, the Chief) and realized that maybe she could come to terms with everything and that was why she gave Tory the baby. Do you have an opinion one way or the other on that?

I’m sorry that was so long-winded. Thanks!

On the Helo thing I have to honestly say that that moment sealed my dislike for the Helo character. I thought it was a chicken shit move. I too was stunned that he did it, that there was no punishment and frankly that the fans did not bring it up more than they did. I thought it was great writing and a good piece of drama for the show but in reality I would’ve liked to see him or someone try to wipe them out. Every time something bad happens someone should turn to Helo and say, “You should have used that virus.”

No idea if Cally changed her mind but I seriously doubt it.

sickfuck_diablo: Hello Aaron, just wanted to give you props for a job well done as one of the most likable, stand up dudes on the show, and you seem like a really cool guy IRL as well. I have two really important questions.

1. You get offered one of these parts in a WW2 period piece directed by… Clint Eastwood or something. Which would you take…..
a. morphine addicted british medic
b. american marine storming the beach
c. a nazi spy. (No eyepatch)
d. A french POW.

2. Do you play video games? If so, please elaborate.

Thanks a lot! I am looking forward to seeing you in your future projects!

B… most definitely B

But if I could be a paratrooper or a member of the Devils Brigade that would be even better.

Some video games but usually only when my son is visiting or when Dan brings over his Wii and hooks it up to the big TV.

jamieaddict: Hey Aaron I hope you’re keeping warm in beautiful Vancouver and “chill-axing” as much as you can. Just a couple of questions:

Who is your favorite superhero/heroine?

Do you like dogs or cats?

If you had the chance to jam with a famous rock band, who would it be?

What kinds of video games do you like?

Have you been to the WW2 Memorial in Washington D.C.? It’s a must see, very moving.


Both although cats are pretentious assholes and dogs are idiots.

Barenaked Ladies

Any game where I can win and there aren’t too many buttons.

I have never been to Washington but it is on the list. Normandy first.

jeebs83: Hey Aaron, thanks for doing this. Quick question, how do you typically watch the episodes? Do you watch watch it when the episode airs or do you watch on a screener?

Usually when it airs like everyone else. I prefer a DVD from production as the quality is amazing whereas Space channel in Canada is FRAKKING BRUTAL, makes the show unwatchable. It’s like taking a screen off the screen door and putting it in front of the television and watching through that. Awful.

Where’s my HD you cheap bastards?!?!?!?!

jodi_z3: My questions are more timely as I hope to ask you others in person soon in Phoenix….

1) a) What in general do you look forward to most about attending cons? b) And more specifically, what are you looking forward to most about the upcoming Phoenix Comicon?

2) Episode 2 of 4.5 will air on Friday during the Phoenix con. Way back when you were to come to Dallas you were willing to go above and beyond and have a screening of the 4.0 finale while hanging out drinking with your fans. I know you aren’t at skiffy now and I would never dream of asking you to go to so much trouble again, BUT would it be possible to talk you into hanging out in some public place (alcohol provided of course) with your fans to view 4.5 Ep 2 in Phoenix? We would totally understand if other priorities or convention conflicts would interfere, just thought I would ask!

1. Meeting new people and talking about the show. Seeing old friends, other actors I admire and ones that need to be punched….. Yuri……

2. That would be cool but I am not sure I will have the time. I have a few meetings and dinners while I am in Phoenix but maybe someone will PVR it.

kymba: Greetings and salutations! Hope this finds you warm and cozy this evening, and thanks for taking time to answer.

What’s been your favorite film of this past year (2008), and why?

Is there a director, film or television, that you would work for, script unread?

I’ve hugely enjoyed your performance these past years, and hope to buy you a pint at the BSGCast thing in Pasadena next weekend. I’ll be the loud Kentuckian at the bar, lamenting the poor choices in bourbons. Cheers.

I did not see many films this year. Nothing jumped out at me. I do not go to a lot of movies. I did however like the Simpsons movie.

Tim Burton, without question.

Pasadena? I won’t be there. I have no idea what that is. Have fun. I don’t get invited to such things.

moonlight_steel: Hi Aaron,

I was just wondering, what were your favorite television shows grow up?

Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions.

Beachcombers, Canadians will get it.

SCTV, Benny Hill, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Gilligans Island, Magnum PI (my mom LOVED Tom Selleck), Love Boat, Police Squad, Land of the Lost and the rest of Saturday morning cartoons, HNIC and I am sure there are others.

february_sky: hey aaron, i’ve only just recently started getting into the fan forums and looking up interviews, so i hope this question isn’t too repetitive. i was just wondering what you thought about the irony of chief tyrol & boomer? i mean, they couldn’t be together because boomer turned out to be a cylon & shot adama, and then now it’s revealed that the chief himself is a cylon. what are your thoughts on this?

also, when bsg airs, do you watch it on tv with your friends/the other cast members/whoever? has the cast ever come together to watch an episode, or is that too strange to see yourselves on tv?

We don’t get together to watch the show. I have never watched BSG with anyone other than a friend or two.

It is hard for me to watch the show and not see Katee or Eddie or Jamie and not the character so I don’t get into like others do.

Chief and Boomer? The irony is certainly there but there is more to the story.

gayfortinafey: Hi Aaron! Thank you for taking your time to answer all of these questions! I have a few:

1)I’m super, super, super excited for the 16th; I have a good reason for this, right?
2)Edward James Olmos described the ending as brutal. Is he right?
3)Do you know the identity of the final cylon? If you do, give us a clue – anything!

4)Who is/was your favourite cast member on set?
5)Did you guys have a lot of fun on the set of BSG?
6)What is your favourite episode of BSG?
7)What couple on BSG is your favourite?
8)How hard was filming the last episode(s)?

(I’m kind of BSG obsessed, I know! :D)

1. You have no idea…. buckle up.

2. I think it is perfect, poignant and beautiful, I have no idea what script Eddie read.

3. Seriously? How dumb do you think I am? ha, besides you don’t really want to know.

4. I have had amazing times with all of them. What I miss most is the crew. Thin Man, Rob, Tim, Ryan, Goody, Greg, Matt, Jose, Maurice, Resho, Rachel, Flamingo, Jimmy, Wayne, Shandley, Troy…well not Troy….. Marian, Mike and just so many more I could go on for pages…

5. We have good times and tough times, just like any workplace.

6. Flight of the Phoenix and the last one…..

7. Gaeta and Hoshi, I think they’re good together. Oh yeah, and the Chief and his shot glass.

8. You have no idea……..

draken11: Hi Aaron,
I am still kinda new to the fandom so maybe this question have been there already. But at first I would like to thank you taking the time to answer our questions.

I would love to ask (I hope thats not to personal), but did you always want to be actor?
Whats for you the hardest part in acting and what do you love the most as actor?

Thank you again for taking the time and I looking forward to one of your next movies. I really enjoyed everything in and with BSG and I looking forward more to see from the Chief in the last 10 eps.

Nope, wanted to be a lawyer all through high school until I realized that lawyers don’t do what Al Pacino did in …And Justice for All. Then I realized I want to be a lawyer on TV.

Getting up early for 5 am call times and then working for 16 hours then going home for 7 hours and doing it all again the next day and doing this mon-fri for weeks on end.

The ability to exercise my creativity. Meeting the most interesting people in the world and getting to go places and do things that most people never get the chance to do.

gdg: Aaron, thanks for doing this. I have two questions:

1) A lot of the BSG fan sites (SciFi forums,, etc.) post episode review threads as new episodes are aired. As the final episodes unfold, do you plan on surfing these forums to see what the fans are saying? .. I’ve always been curious to know how many actual cast & crew members cruise the forums.

2) I’m drawing a BSG collage for an upcoming fan appreciation book. Do you have any preference as to which Tyrol should appear in the collage? — New Caprica bearded Tyrol, Orange Deck Chief outfit Tyrol, shaven head Watchtower Tyrol, etc. — Which version do you most want to see transformed into an AWESOME drawing?


Thanks, man.

I look at the forums from time to time, particularly when a chief heavy ep has just aired. I also look at the boards to see what the fans are saying about story lines etc…

As an actor you have to read everything with a grain of salt and with a thick skin. There are a few people who will come on the boards and just trash the show, your work and sometimes personal things about you. I cannot imagine how those people would feel if someone went to their workplace and just started ragging on them in front of all their co-workers and friends. The anonymity of the web allows a lot of people to be really petty and mean. It sucks but that is the price of celebrity and I am fine with it. I just ignore the boobs….. ha

The chief with really short hair is my favorite. It is as though he went full circle from the mini to the end.

mattski7: Hey Aaron, congrats on the great show and the great role – we’ll miss the Chief when it’s all over! My question is, why do you think “they” waited so long to give Gaeta a boyfriend?

I think Gaeta had to figure out if he wanted to be in a committed relationship….

I have no idea… ask AJ…. ha

woolly_socks: Hi Aaron,

Congrats on your work from the first half of season four. I was fascinated to see how the Chief reacted to figuring out what he is, and your take on it was utterly compelling.

You’re a Batman fan, judging by the t-shirts. Can you tell me about some of your favourite heroes and villains? From everything, film, TV, literature.


Obviously Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains of all time.

Beowolf, William Wallace (the real man, not the one Hollywood bastardized), wow, this is a good question and I just woke up… let me come back to it later.

year_of_rabbit: Aaron – your resume (online) indicated that you have done some Shakespeare – are you interested in any other playwright’s works? I know that you have done some comedy, perhaps comedic plays? etc.?

I would love to do some more theater.

I just never get asked.

crazyvictoria: Hey, Aaron! You might not remember me – I was at Boozapalooza this year (I was the blonde girl with the brunette wearing the Battlestar, sweatshirt). Thanks for hanging with us! That was an awesome night, from what we can remember. ANYWAY, here’s my very deep and insightful question:

So, what’d you steal from the set? Anything cool, before they auctioned it all off? Apologies if you’ve been asked this question like, five thousand and one times.

OH, and what are your plans for watching the finale? I’m being asked to ask that, lol.

Cheers, mate! Here’s to hoping this weird as frak weather calms down here in Vancouver (okay, weird to a girl from the prairies, at least). Thank you for putting up with our questions! You are a brave man.

I stole nothing…..

Some of those items in the auction….? I don’t know….

No plans for finale.

karie22: Hi Aaron,

I know you can’t tell us how it ended, but what would your preference be for the resolution of the human/cylon war at the end of BSG? I know fandom is divided right down the middle on this issue, so I was wondering if the same was true for the actors.

Would you have preferred that all the humans and cylons live in harmony, for the cylons to blow all of the humans away (or vice versa), for all but select cylons to die (like the “good” ones, LOL), or for both factions to go their separate ways and never see each other again? Or maybe something else? If YOU had gotten to pick, what would have happened between these two warring races?

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope you have a wonderful week. I’m looking forward to having you on my screen again on Friday!

Most of the actors have different visions of how the show should end and how everything is resolved. My feeling is that it ends perfectly. The last time you see any of these characters should be the very last time you see them. I don’t want a continuation, I don’t want another show in 4 years saying where are they now, I think it is perfect, beautiful and absolutely sublime.

What happens in the end is the exact way I would have chosen to end it.

michellecore: Hi Aaron,
First, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. It’s great to see an actor who loves interacting with fans. I have two questions for you.

1) What was your least favorite moment to act/film on BSG?

2) What will you miss the most about your BSG experience?

Btw, better luck for the Canucks next year. I think this year is going to my Bruins finally. ;)

Something from the movie we did in September. When it airs you’ll see why.

Hanging out with the crew.

Your Bruins are rocking the world. Canucks are a team with no heart, pride or drive right now. They had better right the ship or they will be on the outside looking in come April.