Wil Wheaton blogs about Aaron (September 29, 2008)

Last weekend Aaron and Wil Wheaton were both guests at the From The Land Beyond convention in Sacramento. Wil mentioned Aaron in his latest blog ……..

Trip report: from the land beyond

I spent the entire day sitting at a table next to Aaron Douglas, who plays the Chief on BSG. We hit it off pretty quickly (it turns out that we have a mutual friend in Yuri Lowenthal, who I worked with on Legion and who I currently work with on Ben 10: Alien Force). If you get a chance to see him at a con, and you’re even a tiny fan of BSG, you should go for it. He’s really nice, totally unpretentious, and seems like a really good guy. I’m way behind on BSG (Nolan and I are still in the 3rd season on DVD) so I worked really hard – and Aaron helped – to avoid spoilers all day. As I said on Twitter, ” Aaron Douglas is awesome. A++++ WILL SIT NEXT TO AGAIN!1!”

Source: WWdN: In Exile