(Colin Lawrence) August 18, 2008

Colin Lawrence Interview
By: Marcel Damen
Date: August 18, 2008


Note: This is a snippet of an interview with COLIN LAWRENCE where he mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL. To read the full interview, click HERE.


How is it to work with Leah Cairns (Racetrack)? Who else did you enjoy working with on the series? Who did you hope working with but never got the opportunity? What’s your favorite episode or your favorite scene on the series? Do you follow the show or any of your work for that matter on television?

Working with Leah Cairns was an absolute blast! She is a great actor and we’ve spent lots of time together in those hot, steamy flight suits. I really enjoyed working with Edward James Olmos. He directed the episode “Escape Velocity”. He is a real “actor’s director”, because he‘s also a veteran actor. He has a way of communicating that takes the actor comfortable and at ease. My favorite scene was in the same episode, “Escape Velocity”, where I tear a strip off of Chief Tyrol . This was actually the second time I’ve worked with Aaron Douglas, we both played Striker Soldiers on X-Men 2. I didn’t follow the show until I became part of it then really got caught up in the storylines. I now watch the show, every opportunity I have.