Scott Ian: Might As Well Jump (4×07) (May 22, 2008)

Might as well jump (4×07: Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?)
By: Scott Ian
Date: May 22nd, 2008
Source: Scott Ian’s Battlestar Blog


Note: The following is a blog entry by SCOTT IAN (from the band ANTHRAX) that was published on the Official Battlestar Galactica website. In this blog entry Scott shares a conversation with Aaron that makes you just want to give Aaron a great big hug :(



If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last two episodes it’s that Cylons are, to quote my man Rob Zombie; “more human than human.” Their programming is filled with blind faith, pettiness, jealousy, backstabbing, and racism. All these wonderfully human traits amongst a species that is supposed to be superior to humans in every way. Maybe we’ll find out in the Caprica prequel series that this was done on purpose. Ha ha Cylons, just wait! You may destroy humanity but pretty soon you’re going to be your own worst enemies. You’re going to be just like us! Maybe the fifth will be an obese chain-smoking fanny pack-wearing slob that knows the way to the Churros stand at Disney World. Bummer.

All Adama has to do is blow up the resurrection hub, grab the five and go to earth and let the Cylons kill each other. Ah, but as we all know, BSG never takes the easy route.

Compared to what’s coming they’re all just running around on a puppy farm. Dark days loom for these people we’ve come to know as friends.

Spoilers I have boys and girls, but I’m bound by a higher authority (NBC Universal) to keep my frakkin’ mouth shut.
I did speak with Aaron “Chief” Douglas about the future of our Galactians on set up in Vancouver. Here’s the skinny from Tyrol:

“It’s lunch and I am in my trailer reading the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica… ever. Wow… big day.”

Of course I asked him if it was great…

“Frakking awesome!!! Best stuff Ron has ever written!! It will blow your mind. I just finished reading them and I am fighting a fruitless and losing battle with my tears. It is amazing… I have to shoot now after lunch and I am teary.”

I told Aaron it’s killing me that he won’t tell me more but at the same time, I don’t want to know. I want to see it played out the way the producers, directors, writers mean for us to see it. An as far as the aforementioned spoilers, they don’t add up to much and I found out by accident.

I can’t believe Sharon shot Natalie. Natalie isn’t even the Six that takes Hera in Sharon’s dream. I though Natalie was the shining light (besides the fact that she’s super hot) for the Cylons. Bummer for us.

Guess What’s Coming To Dinner was a great episode for many reasons but for me mainly because it really moved the mythology forward. I really felt like the multiple arcs were starting to join. Maybe next week I’ll throw an Un-boxing party for D’Anna. I hope she’s back to being all surly after being boxed. I can only assume it’s not pleasant.

Roslin must really be on some strong drugs if she thinks Gaeta has a good voice. Please Doc Coddle, put him out of our misery!! Is the singing a Cylon outing or just a misdirection? Gaeta the fifth? I don’t buy it. All of a sudden soon to be peg-leg is going to have that much to do with everything? He did play an integral role on New Caprica but I still don’t buy it.

Adama knows something is up with Tigh and judging by next weeks previews, neither of them are happy about it. Adama’s presence was finally felt again in Guess Who’s Coming and hopefully he’ll be right in the thick of it from here on out.

I loved the ending and the realization that the Hybrid is really running shit.

What am I going to do when this show is over? I’m getting teary too Chief.

Fight’em til you can’t,