Scott Ian: There’s Hope For All Of Us (4×04) (April 29, 2008)

There’s Hope For All Of Us aka Tigh did it for the nookie (4×04: Escape Velocity)
By: Scott Ian
Date: April 29th, 2008
Source: Scott Ian’s Battlestar Blog


Note: The following is a blog entry by SCOTT IAN (from the band ANTHRAX) that was published on the Official Battlestar Galactica website. In this blog entry Scott shares a conversation he had with Aaron about this episode.



And I don’t mean hope in the context of religion or faith or any of Baltar’s story arc. I mean hope in the context of Tigh made out with Six. TIGH MADE OUT WITH SIX. Michael Hogan must be stoked. Granted, he got the shit kicked out of him first (and he smartly didn’t use his Cylon strength to fight back). On the list of things I never thought I would see on BSG, that would have to be right at the top. Right next to Tigh being a Cylon and Tigh changing a baby. Is that Cylon or human programming that made him change the baby? Either way, classic. And then right after his paternal moment he’s right back at Tory with “What is that, more of Baltar’s crap?” The man is a rusty iron crowbar, slowly crumbling, holding on to the thing’s he knows even though he knows it’s futile. Tigh says “feel what ya gotta feel” to Chief even though he’s searching for a way to “flip the switch” and bury the guilt of murdering his wife. Not gonna happen Patchy. Your new-fangled programming won’t let you. You need absolution and you’re going to find it (and a whole lot more) in the arms of Six, she of the magic (or is it just Cylon?) nookie. If that doesn’t make you forget your troubles (remember that nookie helped Baltar help her to destroy humanity) I don’t know what will. So Tigh gets to snog with Six and Chief hits the bottle.

Poor Chief. He loses his lady and then loses his shit with the old man. His description of Cally, “a shriek with dull-vacant eyes, the boiled cabbage stench of her” was oddly accurate. Is Chief’s Cylon programming disavowing his relationship with a human knowing that it could have been with Boomer or is it just a case of the grass being greener? I asked my main-man Aaron Douglas and he was his usual forthcoming self (although I can’t print everything he told me, no spoilers here).

“Dude. That ep was a really tough one for me. Long days of really emotional stuff. Really very tiring and hard because the rest of the cast has little to do so they get restless after 5 hours of doing the same thing and I am still trying to stay in the place of emotion of a funeral.

The scene with Eddie and I in the bar is one of my favorites. I have not seen the ep yet so I don’t know how it turned out. We did my coverage 3 times. The first time, which by all accounts was the best, was not recorded. The camera guys did not turn them on. That was frustrating. So what people saw on Friday was my 2nd best performance. I will watch it tonight and see if I remember anything else. That was a year ago that we shot it.”

Oh yeah….now Tigh gets to kiss Six and once again the Chief just goes and gets loaded… tell me how that is fair? Fuckers!

And he also added this:

“And tell the fans to watch for the Chief in the next weeks ep. He goes a little nuts……..”

I can’t wait!!!

I want a Chief/Tory showdown. Tory’s gotta go.

I have to agree with Roslin regarding the Baltar family. Not because of the safety of the fleet from a religious war, because I’m over the Baltar/Messiah thing. I guess it makes sense for his character that he would self-appoint himself this position but I just don’t care. His speech was eloquent enough but he’s my favorite character and I feel like he’s being underused. Put him in the brig and blow all his followers out the airlock and get him back in the mix with the Cylons. Adama would do that. Unless he’s once again completely full of crap and it’s all part of some other plan he’s go going. I’m hoping to be as usual, pleasantly surprised by his arc.

I do like the set-up for the power struggle between Roslin and Apollo. Apollo seems to have more backbone now then he ever did as a pilot. He ain’t taking no shit off of nobody!

No Starbuck this week. I’m sure next week she’ll be back in all her sweatiness.

Until then fight’em ’til you can’t.