Scott Ian: We’re not evil, we’re not inhuman (4×03) (April 22, 2008)

We’re not evil, we’re not inhuman (4×03: The Ties That Bind)
By: Scott Ian
Date: April 22nd, 2008
Source: Scott Ian’s Battlestar Blog


Note: The following is a blog entry by SCOTT IAN (from the band ANTHRAX) that was published on the Official Battlestar Galactica website. In this blog entry Scott shares an email he received from Aaron.




We’re just dirty murdering slut robots. Well at least that’s what Tory is. Or should I say it’s what she’s becoming. Now that she’s one of the final five Cylon’s she’s become so much more interesting. Seriously, before she was outed did any of you care? I don’t think I even knew her name. She did have Billy’s big shoes to fill he writes with complete seriousness. Now she’s like a quieter Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers all screwing and killing. Her activation has taken her to the Dark Side young Luke and I’m afraid there’s no coming back. And what side is it? This isn’t a side of Cylon behavior that we’ve really ever seen. Maybe Cavil would cold-bloodedly blow someone out the airlock just because he can or for a goof, but at this point the rest of the Cylon’s have a higher purpose. Is Tory the evilest of Cylons? And what’s gonna happen with the other three? Why is Tory manifesting differently while the other three seem like themselves so far? Is Chief going to find out that Cally knew he was a Cylon or will he just think it was an anti-depressant fueled attack/suicide? I’m hoping Tory just evil’s up and tells him the truth. “I blew your lame-ass wife out the airlock because she knew our secret (and in general was pretty boring) and I would’ve frakked your cry-baby bitch kid too except he’s half Cylon ’cause that’s how I roll.” I emailed Aaron Douglas (yeah, the Chief and I are buds) and asked him all these questions. Here’s what he said:

“It only gets worse my friend. What we think Cally knew and didn’t know is explored over the next few eps with the Chief making little discoveries along the way. The final four Cylons are different from each other in the same way that humans are different from one another. We all have tendencies that manifest in various situations. The next couple of episodes contain a large arc for Tyrol. Callys death and some other things really come to a head. Enjoy. They were a really tough shoot.”

The shit is going to hit the fan when Chief finds out Tory killed his wife. Cylon or not, the Chief is the Chief is the Chief. The fact that they have no problems with killing off regulars and making other characters suffer intensely is one of the main reasons why I love this show. It’s so heavy. When an episode like 4.3 ends it really bothers me. It stays with me for days. That shot of Cally’s frozen bloated face was haunting. No heroic death for our little mechanic. Alone except for the uncaring stare of a Cylon holding HER baby and aware that she’s got seconds before the vacuum takes her. Brutal. I’ve invested years in these characters and the show is so well written that it makes me feel for these people. I care less about some real-life people than I do these TV ones. TMI? Maybe. I don’t give a frak.

Last week I knew that Boomer was sleeping with Cavil. This week proved me right. Ummm, gross. Boomer is really giving her line a bad rep. Does Roslin have annoying cancer? I hope Zarek goes back to his old ways and puts her out of her misery. I’m glad Zarek is back. He’s a great pot-stirrer and I love watching Richard Hatch. Was it me or did that blood-cleaning Centurion give stink-eye? The Centurions are plotting. I don’t think the “magic word” is going to cut it for too long. How many cartons of smokes did Doc Coddle bring? I’m starting to think he’s the fifth Cylon just for the fact that he’s not dying of emphysema. Everyone on the Demetrius needs to chillax. Starbuck has killed more Cylons than all of them combined and oh yeah, she came back from the dead. I don’t care how bi-polar she gets, I’d follow her to hell. I didn’t think Anders had the balls to frak Starbuck when she demanded to be frakked. I guess a Cylons gotta get some when he can. Too bad it’s not on HBO. The Cylon vs. Cylon war has really kicked off. I saw right through Cavil’s kowtowing. He’s Cavil. He’s the Devil. Who’s side are you on? I’m taking Husker.

Fight’em ’til you can’t, Scott