Scott Ian: Drop your dicks and grab your sticks!! (4×01) (April 5, 2008)

Drop your dicks and grab your sticks!! (4×01: He That Believeth In Me)
By: Scott Ian
Date: April 5th, 2008
Source: Scott Ian’s Battlestar Blog


Note: The following is a blog entry by SCOTT IAN (from the band ANTHRAX) that was published on the Official Battlestar Galactica website. Scott shares a conversation he had with Aaron that includes the “Drop your dicks and grab your sticks” line that Aaron mentioned in our Ask the Chief Q&A in January :)

SPOILER WARNING: This blog entry is about Friday’s episode (4×01: He That Believeth In Me) so there’s some very mild spoilers in there if you haven’t seen the episode yet.


Unless you live abroad or you’re an idiot you’ve seen the premier of season four. And what a premier it was. Starting right from the end of season 3 where Starbuck came back from the dead (she wasn’t looking to eat Anders so at least we know she’s not a zombie) the episode didn’t answer any questions. What it did do was start the clock on what is going to be an incredible endgame. Every characters plot line (except Tom Zarek!!) has been set on his or her path and over the next 19 episodes, we’ll get the answers we’ve been so patiently waiting for.

Of all the stories being weaved I think Starbuck’s is the most compelling. She’s already been accused of being the one to lead humanity to it’s end and now she’s been dead/gone for 2 months and she miraculously returns in a freshly detailed Viper. Cylon? I don’t think so, too obvious unless that’s what they want us to think. I think Starbuck did see Earth and is telling the truth about her experience. Wormholes people. It’s a Hollywood fact that time and space mean nothing in the face of a wormhole. I believe her, and not because she could kick my ass, because I think she’s the key to the whole thing. Screw the Gods, or Six’s one God, Starbuck is Jesus and she will put a bullet between your eyes if you disagree. If I’m wrong, hire Apollo to sue me.

The 4 newbie Cylons are as you would expect, confused and trying extra hard to be human. Michael Hogan really stands out by making Tigh even more intense with only one eye to emote with. Seriously, his one-eyed stare makes my balls nervous. When he puts his gun on the table was that to consummate a suicide pact between the 4 of them (before they would harm someone else) or was it just him getting rid of his gun so if he wakes up and wants to shoot the old man (nice trick with the assassination before the credits) he won’t have the iron to do it.

Anders eye-dentification with the Raider was killer!!! Can’t wait til he finally gets to let loose.

Chief is business as usual so far. Cylon Shmylon, he’s got shit to do. I texted with Aaron Douglas after the show and asked him about the gun scene with Tigh and he told me that he had the same questions as I did and no one would explain the scene to him. Aaron was kind enough to share this with me and I will share with you…

“I had the best adlib ever in the scene where Chief walks onto the hangar deck yelling for the Nuggets. It didn’t make it into the show. What did make it was something like “lets go nuggets! your momma’s aren’t going to save ya today” it is all adlib’d but one take I said, & this is pure gold, “drop your dicks and grab your sticks!” 5 seconds later Harvey (producer) says from video village, “you can’t say dicks on TV”. We had to do it again. Ha. Being a Cylon is great. Someone else does my laundry. Started back shooting last week. Its great to be back but its sad to see it go.”

Thanks Aaron,

Chief will save the day. Anders and Foster, expendable. Just my opinion.

Adama was in the background this episode. I think he believes Starbuck is who she says she is. Is he the 5th? I don’t think so. Or is it so obvious that he actually is?

And finally my favorite Galactian; Baltar. Of all the sub-plots, this Manson family-esque cult leader deal is not my favorite. Yes, I love that he’ll say anything to get laid, ridicule the situation and then even start to believe his own bullshit but where is this going? Unless his harem start killing in his name with his semi-approval, I’m not interested. And how do they have this Baltar orgy den complete with shrine on Galactica? Really? No one knows this is going on on a Battlestar? Hopefully inviso-Six will get jealous and put an end to this quick.

I think I can safely say Starbuck won’t be shooting Roslin.

Fight’em til you can’t, Scott