Scott Ian: Who the frak let me in here? (April 1, 2008)

Who the frak let me in here?
By: Scott Ian
Date: April 1st, 2008 (12:07 PM)
Source: Scott Ian’s Battlestar Blog


Note: The following is a blog entry by SCOTT IAN (from the band ANTHRAX) that was published on the Official Battlestar Galactica website. In this blog entry Scott mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL.




Hello my friends and welcome to my tiny little corner of the BSG universe. Somehow through sheer fan-boy tenacity (and a lot of help from the Lords Of Kobol over at Sci-Fi/NBC Universal) I have actually been asked to write about my favorite show. And not just write a blog on my personal site but an actual blog on Sci-Fi’s site blabbing about the most well written show on TV. Where Ron Moore and David Eick blog. Holy crap.
And who am I to have been given this weighty task?

I’ve been in a band called Anthrax for 27 years and I’m a total horror/sci-fi/comic dork. A million years ago we had a song called “I Am The Law” based on Judge Dredd (way before the abortion of a movie with Stallone which we refused to let our song be a part of; you HAVE TO leave the helmet ON) and that opened the door for me into the actual world of horror/sci-fi/comics that I’d been admiring from afar since I was a kid reading Ditko Spidey and anything Kirby touched (even Fin Fang Foom). When the internet became the place to espouse ones opinions to the world, from behind the safety of my Mac I jumped in head first and wooooosh (Lost forward flash sound effect) cut to me (trying) to write a Lobo series for DC, a food column (Food Coma) for (nude tattoed chicks but you can read the articles for free) and a blog about Galactica’s final season.

Obviously I will be writing about each episode this season and I also hope to have some special guests (cast members, other “celeb” BSG fans and Brent, Jason and Eric my buddies that are as insane as me about the show) be a part of this as well. Yes, I’m talking to you Chief.

Friday night looms.