Mark Verheiden: What’s New In Battlestar Land… (April 5, 2008)

What’s New In Battlestar Land…
By: Mark Verheiden
Date: April 5, 2008
Source: Famous Mark Verheidens Of Filmland


Note: The following is a blog entry from MARK VERHEIDEN (the Co-Executive Producer/Writer on BSG) where he mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL.


Posting has been light the last few days because I’ve been spending much of my time on set, helping make sure episode “415” is as chock full of Battlestar goodness as possible. Things are rolling along extremely well and as usual the cast and crew is doing a superlative job turning my scribbles into high drama. It’s strange to think this probably won’t actually air for months and months, long after I’ve vacated my palacial NBC/Universal office…

So, what else has been going on? Let’s see, I saw Springsteen at Vancouver’s “General Motors Place” arena last Monday night, enjoying myself with a sell-out crowd along with Aaron “The Chief” Douglas and the ever ebullient S. McA. from the BSG production office. And the show? It is considerably changed up from the first leg of the tour, lots of new songs, and Springsteen and band debuted a very special request, an outtake from Born In The U.S.A. called “Home of the Brave.” I don’t think this one even made the “Tracks” compilation, so that was fun.

Oh, and BATTLESTAR IS FINALLY BACK ON THE AIR. It airs at 7:00PM here in lovely Canada (on Space Channel, tip o’ the hat to my pal Mark Askwith at Space who does a great job stoking the flames for BSG) so I missed the debut and any parties that may have ensued. Oh well, there’s always next seas… oops. At least it was missed for a good cause.

More as it develops…