BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – David Eick Video Blogs: Scenes From The Video Blog Floor

In the S2 video blog Scenes From The Video Blog Floor, Aaron makes a joke about how the “camera adds 10 pounds / how many cameras are on you?” and I remember at the time thinking that I’d heard that somewhere before but couldn’t remember where. I just saw a commercial on tv for FRIENDS (which is airing nightly here) and guess what one of the scenes was of?

I got out my Friends DVD and ripped the scene and put it together with the David Eick Video Blog.

Right click on the link below to save it to your computer.
Scenes From The Video Blog Floor / Friends

FRIENDS is one of my all time favourite shows and Chandler is my favourite character. If Aaron is a fan and stole that line from Chandler then I have a whole new found love for him :)

P.S. The young boy in the background of the video blog is Aaron’s son Taylor.
01 April 2008 @ 02:47 am