INTERVIEW (AUDIO): It’s All Geek To Me (March 8, 2008)

It’s All Geek To Me
Dallas All-Con 2008
March 8, 2008
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Below is a 20 minute audio interview with Aaron from Dallas All-Con in March 2008. The interview was split into 2 parts so I’ve added them together :)

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Aaron Douglas – It’s All Geek To Me (March 8, 2008)


Aaron Douglas, Family Guy, Catwoman, All-Con 2008 and beer
Holy crap was ALL-CON awesome!! Marvel in the splendor of a great show as we dove head first into the nerd pool of costumers and actors. Thats right. We’ve got the one and only interview with Aaron Douglas from BattleStar Galactica. Over a round of beers, he gives us the exclusive on his current role as Chief Tyrol, the future of BSG and his other projects. And boy can he completely geek out over Family Guy.

Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrol himself from BattleStar Galactica joins us. Aaron gives us all the scoop on the new season of BSG. What pisses him off the most while trying to shoot a scene?

Aaron Douglas, part 2. All humans are cylons? Did someone say Family Guy? Boy, can Aaron geek out about Family Guy. Needless to say we all just forget why we are there, only to slip into full-out fan boy mode and talk about our favorite bits from the show. HOW AWESOME IS THAT????? I’ll tell you how awesome… It’s INFINITY awesome. ’nuff said. Don’t get penisey.

Source: It’s All Geek To Me

NOTE: This interview was done back in March and Season 4 started in April. So the “What pisses him off the most while trying to shoot a scene” is in reference to 4×04: Escape Velocity (ie: Cally’s funeral), but obviously he was being vague about exactly what he was referring to because back then they would have been spoilers.