INTERVIEW: Ask The Chief (Q&A with fans) Jan 2008

Ask The Chief (Q&A with fans)
Date: January 21, 2008
Source: The Chief’s Deck (Aaron Douglas LiveJournal Community)



rebelliousrose: First of all, I apologize for all the flashbulbs in your face at DragonCon- I’m used to shooting outdoors and I forgot how annoying the flash was. However my friend Joe in the hospital was thrilled by all the pics of you (he couldn’t go and see you due to illness) so thank you for your forbearance and hopefully not hating me. If you come back to DragonCon, I’ll buy you a single malt of your choice.

My question is; (well, I have like five hundred, but I’ll cut back and make it a two parter); Would you, as an actor, like to see the Chief and Boomer’s story have a resolution? and do you have a favorite american hockey team? (I’m a Flyers girl from childhood.)

Thank you for being generous enough to interact the way you do with fans. It means a lot to us.

I am Canadian. My favorite NHL team is the Canucks. Period. I cannot have a second team.
BUT… if forced… my favorite goaltender (actively playing) is Martin Brodeur so I guess I root for the Devils when they are playing. Purely out of loyalty to Marty.

I DO NOT want to see the Chief and Boomer return to any kind of relationship. There are rumors from the writers that the two of them reconnect but I HATE stuff like this. I like shows, like BSG, that move quickly on story lines and then get off them and never return (which was why I hated season one of Sharon and Helo running and running and running… we get it!!!! They’re on a planet running… Jesus… get off it now. Or the love 4 some with Apollo Anders Dualla and Starbuck…. Ugh…. move on please….). That honest enough?
I would not like to see them get back together or have any kind of resolution. I don’t think Cally would like that too much either. Cylon baby Nick maybe but not mommy.

canadiangirl-86: Thanks (yet again) for doing this, Aaron.

I was wondering if you could tell us about a scene or two that you found especially challenging to shoot in seasons 1-3.

Love your work on the show. You just keep getting better and better.

Everything on BSG is challenging… Its all so dark.

Probably the stuff at the beginning of season 2 where there was always someone dying. I had just lost my wife to breast cancer so shooting for 4 months of someone always dying in my arms was rather difficult.
Its why I drink… I blame BSG and Ron Moore for my liver failure… ;-p

kidding. It was hard but looking back it turned out pretty well I think.

That stuff and stuff from Season 3 after I tore my groin playing hockey. I couldn’t even move. They had my crutches standing by waiting for someone to yell ‘cut’!


now-all-is-well: Aaron, Is music a big influence in your life? What are your favorite bands? Do you have time to check out local bands where you live?

Thanks for being so fraking awesome!


If you ask anyone on set, what does aaron do between takes? I am on my ipod. That is why I love my wardrobe so much. it hides my Treo and my ipod.
I love it!!!!
It takes a lot of energy to shoot BSG for 13 hours and I am the kind of person who recharges alone so between takes I will put my headphones on and listen to something that recharges me and it also keeps the wolves at bay…. ha

music has always had a huge impact in my life. I grew up on almost every flavor.

I listen to everything. literally.
Right now I have refound my love for the Rat Pack.
I always listen to Elvis.
I love Anthrax, Metallica, The Town Pants (good friends of mine) Bare Naked Ladies, ….
man it is so hard to make a list.
Literally everything.
Another bunch of very close friends of mine have a band called desert raido. They are Vancouver boys.
My very good friend is Brad Paisley and I love his music. Actually will be at his Vegas show this Saturday. don’t tell him, it’s a surprise.
I wake up in the morning put on classical music or instrumental piano and make my coffee and sit quietly.
music is big

telscha: Of all the roles you have played what has been your favourite?
and if you had the choice of any role what would you chose?

Chief. Chief is a very cool character. Sam the Butcher will be interesting to see.

I want to do a sit com or a WW2 movie next.

woolly-socks: Hi Aaron, do you ever play golf with Callum (Keith Rennie)? Who wins?

HA. yes. I beat him once…. only because he took a 13 on the final hole. he was trying to clear the water hazzard. it was a Tin Cup sort of moment.

Not many people ever beat Callum. He is pretty frakking good.

Him and Bamber. Bamber is a great golfer. GREAT.

carencey77: Hiya Aaron! Completely non-showbiz-related question…I know it’s two years off, but are you going to try to stick around Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, or get out of town? I hear there will be hockey. ;)

I will be here for the hockey. I could care less about any of the rest of it. This is the last Olympics the NHL’ers will be used and they are in my home town.

geeda: Hey Aaron, what are your favourite restaurants/pubs in Vancouver?
Any favourite local microbrewery beers?
PS – You were an awesome MC at the Town Pants 10th year show. Very nice of you to make sure the band members were well…hydrated :)

ahahhahahah… they were hammered… I am proud to have played a Jameson aided part in that.

favorite restaurants? Earls on Top. I worked there when I was starting out. Say hi to Dario for me.
Pre and post game Canucks go to Shark Club. Say hi to Conrad, Tim, Matt, Mike, Rob… the list goes on. Oh and Daniel Bacon of Stargate Atlantis is the DJ at Shark after Nucks games and on the weekend. so go make fun of him for me.
Vij’s is the BEST Indian food in Vancouver.
Japanese? Happa Izakia. sp?
G Sport on Granville is a great little sports bar as well.
And of course go to the Roxy and ask for Kyle. He’ll know what to do…… shhhh… just let it happen, don’t fight it.

jamieaddict: Hi Aaron! What is your idea of relaxing when you’re home?

quiet instrumental music. candles and a glass of red.


Nothing but the fireplace and reading.

christessa: Hi Aaron!

First off, it’s so awesome of you to set up an LJ account to connect with fans.

I’m a big Anthrax fan, and an even bigger BSG fan, so I’m sure you can imagine my delight hearing the band rave about my favorite television series. I saw a few pictures of you wearing an Anthrax tee and I was wondering if you were repaying the homage, are also a fan, or both?

I am a huge fan. Have been since I played hockey and football. It was what we played in the dressing room before games.
Scott Ian and I have become quite good friends. I am trying to get him on the show if we come back. He is a big BSG fan geek. It’s hilarious.

about2fray: This may seem senseless, but that’s just me.

You mentioned that your friend Brad was from West Virginia. Have you ever been, or considered coming around for a bit? I trash talk about my little home town, but it’s a very beautiful place.

I may get out there for a con sometime but other than that I am not sure. Maybe if Brad plays a show in WV and I can get out there for it.

blackeyedpotato: (I’ll be interested to read what you have to say about the Chief/Boomer situation, too…)

Hello Aaron! I really enjoyed meeting you at Brisbane Supanova last year (I was the faux-nudePoison Ivy-esque cosplayer, though I’m sure you can’t remember, haha), and I was wondering what else you got up to during your stay in Australia. What did you think of the place?

Australia was AMAZING!!! so was NZ.

Dan and I had the best time. I cannot wait to go back. His girlfriend really wants to go so he make be there sooner than me.
I want to go visit my friend Michelle in Melbourne so I am going to try and do that.
Not sure when though.

anno-superstar: Will you be back for Wolf Galactica Four? I attened Wolf Galactica Three as my first Wolf con and while I had a fantastic time (enough to come back this year), I was told it was not the same without “the Aaron Douglas Experience”. ;)

I am going to try.
Everyone email Bryan……..ha
I love the Wolf events. They are by far the best cons on the planet. You get so much real time with the fans and actors.
I love going to them. and they are cheap.
I always tell people from the US that they could probably do a Wolf con in London cheaper than they could a Creation con one state over.

julianathursday: like christessa stated above it is pure awesomecakes that you created a journal to reach out to your fan base. We couldn’t appreciate it more.

I’m curious. What your favorite memory on the set has been so far?

There are dozens.
Working with Mary.
with Dean.
punching Nicky
punching Tahmoh
punching Eddie
having a wardrobe malfunction which caused the entire set to see my hammer.
showing my son the ships for the first time.
laughing with Mary and Paul till we could not shoot.
working with Eddie in season 4 in a very specific scene in the bar.
getting Starbuck pregnant.
killing Gaeta
running david Eick over with my car.
watching Tigh and Dualla have an affair.

just so many…..

arlc: Hello Aaron,

I was going to ask you to Marry me, but then I realized I’d have to wait in line, soooo…here’s my question:

“What’s it like working with Mary McDonnell?”

Thanks, and keep up the great, great work.


Mary the sweetest most wonderful woman you will ever meet.
It was, to this point, the highlight of my acting career. It was so special and I will never forget that day and that scene.

the one at the end of dirty hands.

I am pausing here but I will be back.

If I stay I will miss the Canucks game and you all know how that cannot happen.

see you soon.


ficwriter1966: OK, I’ll chime in!

We need your favorite Ron Moore anecdote.

(Thanks for doing this. It’s above and beyond.)

End of season 3. I found out in Sept that they were going to make the Chief a Cylon. I was not allowed to say anything to the writers, I wasn’t supposed to know. I asked Ron and David off handedly if anything was coming up for the Chief.

They both said, “nope, not much, just rolling along like he usually does.”

I walked away thinking LIARS!!!!!!! FRAKKING LIARS!!!!!

wildflowerz: K, I’ll ask one.

Do you read? If so, what types and authors interest you?

I read a lot!

I am just finishing a book on Elvis called Revelations from the Memphis Mafia by Alanna Nash.

A Frakking brilliant book.

I am also reading a lot from Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and brilliant men of that ilk.

I also love Wilbur Smith, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

nnaylime: First, thank you so much for doing this!!

Second, among the more interesting analyses I read of the character of the Chief was one that said he was an everyman’s Adama–that is, the stalwart leader to whom everyone looks and everyone admires below-decks–which is another big part of the reason the choice of Adama to fight with him was so interesting.

I found that to be a really apt comparison and the idea of an above-decks/below-decks parallelism to be compelling, and am wondering whether you have any takes on that and in particular how you view Tyrol vis-a-vis the officers’/leadership’s social structure? (N.B. I know a lot of this was shot to hell with the “reveal” and I’m not asking you to divulge anything you can’t — this is merely intellectual curiosity).

I have spoken to many military people about situations like this. Where you have a crew chief who has been there for years and a new hot shot officer. Now the officer has all the rank but it is very well known that a Chief will ask the office to ‘come around this corner for a second, I want to talk to you’ then jam the guy against the wall and explain that it is his crew that keeps that jackasses plane in the air and that will never speak to the deck hands in that manner again…..

and the senior officers always back up the chief.

I like that.

teribsg: I was wondering how the strike is affecting all the BSG workers (everyone)? And if there is an end in sight? Please don’t let them just end the show, let there be a resolution after the strike!!! Thanks

we have been down since mid november.
The strike continues.
if we do not return soon my fear is that BSG will end where it is.
and that will really be too bad.

maquismom: When I start my imaginary theater company and bring you in as a guest artist, what role would you like to play? Are you ready for Hamlet yet? And since I understand you’re a good singer you might as well stick around and do a musical, too–any favorite roles you might be interested in?

I would love to play Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet.

Or Henry the IV

karie22: You are so sweet to get online and post with your fans like this. Michael Trucco does the same thing, and I think it’s so great that you guys are that down to earth and you want to spend time conversing with your fans. Bravo!

I was trying really hard to think of a question that you would be able to answer (i.e., not too spoiler-y), and I remembered a really good question that Katee answered in an interview about season 4 a while back. I figure if she can answer it without getting into trouble, it shouldn’t get you in any trouble either.

The question was: What has been your favorite line that you’ve spoken so far in season 4?

(Katee’s answer: “I’m not a cylon, you bitch!!” The boards went crazy speculating about which “bitch” she was talking to.)

Thanks again for being here, Aaron. We love you, we miss you, and we can’t wait to see you on our screens again! God bless.

Katee was calling Trucco a bitch…… ;-)

Favorite lines from season 4?

Daddy’s sorry…..

Drop your dicks and grab your sticks (although that might not make the edit)

I guess he told them…..

If I think of any more I will let you know.

robsomebody: Wow, like everyone has said, thank you for taking the time to do this! Never expected this in a million years. So my question:

Have you kept (or plan to keep) any cool BSG set pieces to remember the show by when it’s all over?

I steal stuff everyday……

nicole_anell: 1) If you could play any character on BSG, other than the Chief, who would it be?

2) What was your favorite episode or scene LAST season? See, no spoilers necessary for this question. :)

Thanks for doing the Q & A!

1. a centurion

2. boxing with adama

and being on the algae planet with my best friend from high school who I got to work as an extra. was great to see him and hang out for a few days. I got him really drunk one night when I had an afternoon call and he had to be up at 5:30… hahahahhhaaaaa

ozq: Hi :D

If you could play any role from any time, any movie (real or imagined), or any book, what would it be?

NOTE: no BSG allowed! “What I’m doing/have done” would be a cop

Han Solo


Agent Pendergast from the books by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.


any character from Wilbur Smith books

lucky63: Wow! This it is so amazing that you are willing to do this Aaron, props to you!

First I was wondering a bit about your relationship with hockey. Did you ever play? Favorite player? Personally, I am a goalie and have been born and raised a Dallas Stars fan :)If you are ever in Dallas I have season tickets and a connection for the Platinum level suites!

Now for a show related question. Some of us have been dieing to know the “drunk Jamie” story that Katee and Tahmoh alluded to at one of the cons, so can you shed some light on that or tell us a funny story about something that happened with the BSG cast on or off set?

I will be in Dallas in March for Allcon

I have been on skates since I was 2. I am also a goalie. Goalies rule.

I played till Junior. Favorite players? Growing up, Billy Smith, Richard Brodeur, Ron Hextall, Kirk McLean.
Now, Martin Brodeur.

There are thousands of funny stories. Maybe get Michelle to make me a page where I can write a story every week and post it. Would y’all like that?… Sorry for the y’all, I’m listening to Brad while I type and that’s how he talks….. ha

dianora2: So….what is your favorite breakfast cereal? Raisin Bran or Cocoa Pebbles? Or can the two coexist peacefully?

More serious question: As you look for (and book) post-BSG work, are you planning on staying in Vancouver long-term and working from there, or do you envision a move to L.A. at some point in your future?


Honeycomb, Captain Crunch, Rice Crispies (if they are in bar form) Lucky Charms

I will move wherever I have to to get a good gig. I would love to stay at home but that is not the nature of our biz.

andrewisbored: I just wanted to thank you for doing Q&As like this.

My question:

Have you ever watched Firefly, Buffy, or Angel..And if yes, did you enjoy it?

no no no and I probably would.

James Leary is a friend of mine so I guess I need to watch his show hey?

dues-cz: Hello Aaron, I was just wondering if you ever were in Czech Republic?

And do you have some project working on now, or after BSG? I loved your little part in Reaper, those horns were… well strange :)

I just finished Smallville and I am working on The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Never been to Czech rep but I would love to go there.

triniroslin15: Hi Aaron. Firstable I want to say that I love your character in BSG. I really enjoy him.

And my question:

What was your first thought when Ron and David told you that you were going to be one of the last cylons? Did you want to kill them or actually like it the idea?

Kisses from Spain!!

I hated it.
Ron talked me off the ledge and explained why and now I love it.

holdingwonder: Before the end of season three possibly changed the story, did you ever come up with or know a backstory for the Chief? I think at one point he said he’d been serving on battlestars since he was 18 years old. In joining the service, was he rebelling against his parents, doing something he was good at, earning money for dental school, or what?

Thanks for doing this Q&A and good luck in the future. I’ll be watching.

Funny… no I don’t do backstory.
I just read the words in front of me and say them as simply as I can.

There’s my acting tip. Say the lines as simply as you can.

yeattsie: Mr. Douglas-

Those of us who have seen/met you in person well know of your very engaging, funny, amusing personality. Your appearance definitely made Dragon*Con for me.

My question is this: Are you married to dramatic performance, or are you planning to do some comedy in your future? Why/why not?

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it’s definitely above and beyond general fan interaction!

I want to do a sitcom for sure.

Check out a movie I did called Lucky 7 with Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams.

Patrick and I ad lib’d all of our scenes. It was the funniest stuff to do. The director just said, go!

I had 3 lines in the script. It is a wonderfully cute movie

arkady_: Hi!

First of all, thanks for this. ^^

I was wondering if you had the chance to talk to Michelle Forbes in the set during the Pegasus story arc. If that’s so, what could you tell me about her?

And, also, what’s the best thing for you about being an actor?

Thanks a lot, love from Spain

I was not in the Razor movie so I haven’t spent a lot of time with Michelle. What time I have spent I know she is an amazing actor and a truly wonderful woman. She is very sweet, intelligent and very funny and fun loving.
The fans…. thats the best thing.

and the time off….

that and catering on set.

yokana-yanovick: Hi Aaron! :)

I’ve always been curious about one thing.

I’ve always wondered if actors usually surf the net searching for stories, comments or pictures made by fans about their characters, do you do it?

Thanks a lot for letting us ask you anything!


I don’t have to look.

My good friend Michelle sends it all to me…..


redvelvetandi: Hey Aaron!

First off, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. You truly are an awesome guy!

I know some variation of this question has already been asked, so feel free to skip it if necessary, but describe a typical day when you’re not on the set?

And, a coworker and I dressed up as viper pilots for Costume Day at our work last year (we work in a library, we need to stay sane somehow). A male coworker of ours actually resembles you (circa Season Three when you had the beard and could be seen wearing glasses), so we bribed him into dressing up as Chief, complete with orange jumpsuit! It was pretty cool, but unfortunately, the rest of our coworkers (who are non-“BSG” fans) thought he was an escaped convict, and that my fellow viper pilot and I were in the military. Anyway, I was just wondering, what’s it like going to conventions and seeing fans dressed up as your character? Honor? Fear that the end is near? Smug because your costume is better? ;-)

Thanks again for doing this. If I ever make it to a convention, I’ll definitely stop by and say hi. And politely ask for a picture and autograph.


I love it when people dress up as me. I want to go to a con and see an entire Army of Chiefs….. Then we will take over the scifi world!!!

Typical day not on set?

get up, get coffee and put on classical music, check emails and do some computer work,
go for a run or a skate or the gym.
if there is nothing in the evening like a Canucks game I will usually just hang out at home alone and relax.
Or i will go get a bite with Dan and Colin.

Pretty slow lazy days…

meshel73: Do you know what Cylon number Chief Tyrol is?

If he hasn’t been allocated a number yet, what number would you like it to be?

The unassigned numbers are 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12.

I’m rooting for number 9 for the Chief.


i got to choose

blacktieiii: Not a BSG question, but do you think the Canucks will win the cup this year?

Fellow Vancouverite

no chance…..

not without some big trades.

this team is not skilled enough as is.