INTERVIEW (VIDEO): Urban Rush (with The Town Pants) November 20, 2007

A huge thank you to spacepug from The 13th Colony for taping Urban Rush and mailing it out to me.

Right click on the link below to download the video
Aaron Douglas – Urban Rush

NOTE: If you haven’t seen the end of season 3, do not watch this video as Aaron makes a comment regarding his character. And at the very end of the video Duane (from The Town Pants) also mentions it. Also, Aaron talks about the last day of filming on episode 13 of season 4 and there’s a teeny tiny spoiler mentioned. It’s nothing major but you kinda say to yourself “huh? why wouldn’t you be ….?”. Like I said, it’s nothing major, just a warning for people that are really paranoid about avoiding spoilers. And when Aaron is talking about Razor, he must be talking about the DVD version because what he’s talking about wasn’t in the tv version.

If you’re interested in the song The Town Pants performed, I put it up on YouTube