Eclipse Magazine (Jamie Bamber) November 14, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Apollo Talks Razor, Season 4 and More!
By: Sheldon A. Wiebe
Date: November 14, 2007
Source: Eclipse Magazine


Note: This is a snippet of an interview with JAMIE BAMBER where he mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL. To read the full interview, click HERE.


I guess a real simple question is leading up to the reveal of the last four Cylons like you just mentioned, on set was there a kind of a nervousness for people who didn’t really know if their characters were going to be revealed as Cylons? I mean, did people know that going into that part of the season?

The way it works is, you know, we tend to see scripts like an episode or two episodes in advance…

And before that occasionally, you know, the actors will get hold of a breakdown of the story which we’re not really meant to see but we do.

And that’s how the news spread. And I think all four actors that were revealed as Cylons were – well, certainly Michael Hogan in there and (Douglas) who were the sort of longstanding members of the cast were absolutely shocked and angry. They felt a sense of betrayal by the writers that they’d been portraying all this stuff which was nothing but empty lies, you know, in their eyes. And they really did feel a sense of the rug being pulled from underneath them.

I think the other two felt more excited because they’d been slightly more – Michael Trucco and Rekha Sharma had been slightly more on the margins of the show and this was a real indication that they would be at the core of where this, you know, show was going which is true. And that gradually became the opinion too of Michael and Aaron who have had some amazing stuff today in Season 4.

And they’re really, you know, they’re living this existential angst every second of every day of who are they and what are they responsible for and what – are their actions preordained in some way? Did they always have to make new decisions? Are their lives worth anything as a result? Are they traitors or are they heroes? You know, and did their interpersonal relationships with the characters around them then become immediately imminently complex?

So no, it’s – with things like that we get indications and we have opinions but you can’t really tell until the stories start coming through and I think they’ve all been really, really very pleasantly surprised. And we’ve all loved playing these stories there. It’s very interesting to have someone, you know, we all love bring out the best in us as a double agent but how much more interesting when a double agent is a kind of a Manchurian candidate who doesn’t know their own nature and gladly finds out it’s a really heady mix.

I know that now the show has kind of – has obviously taken off. But with merchandising going on now too there are toys coming out. Did you ever think that you would have a toy made in your likeness before? Or have you even seen it?

No, of course not. And I’ve seen some of them…

I’ve seen Adama and stuff like that. But, you know, the thing about I said it’s primarily and adult show…

So I wouldn’t associate it really with toys. And the toys that they make will be for big kids to buy.

I mean the collectors of this world more than anything. And I think, you know, when toys go crazy it’s like my friend Yellen in Fantastic Four and I walk into a shop and I see his stretchy man thinking now that’s pretty out there because you know that every kid in the whole world is going to have one of these things.

You know, with our stuff it’s slightly more niche. But yeah, nevertheless pretty damn weird to see a 6 inch – 12 inch doll of yourself. You know, I haven’s seen the one of me yet. But I’ve seen the one of Aaron and I’ve seen the Cylons and stuff and, yeah, that definitely is weird.