INTERVIEW: Frakkin’ Sweet

Frakkin’ Sweet: The ‘Battlestar’ cast speaks out on having their own toys
By: Andy Livingston
Date: June 2007
Source: ToyFare Magazine (Issue #118)






JAMIE BAMBER (Lee “Apollo”Adama): “It’s really exciting. When I was a kid I had those kinds of toys—the Star Wars ones in particular I was crazy about. So it’s kind of a trip. They’re not genuine toys. I think they’re toys for adults that should know better, because our show’s a bit adult.”



GRACE PARK (Sharon “Boomer”Valerii): “I’m thrilled. I had a friend who always collected action figures and toys and stuff like that. So I always thought, When I get an action figure made I’m gonna send one to him. But it’s really strange when you experience something as a kid, and one day you step into that going, ‘Wow, I’m gonna have this soon.'”



TRICIA HELFER (Number Six): “I’ve seen pictures of the MiniMates (right), which are very funny because they don’t really look like you. I think it’ll be kind of cool.”



EDWARD JAMES OLMOS (Commander William Adama): “It’s great. I mean we don’t partake in any of the luxuries of having toys made about us, but I’m glad that people are finding them to be worthy of toys and stuff like that. It says something about the show.”



JAMES CALLIS (Gaius Baltar): “I’m very excited as long as I can get some commission on the merchandising. And I hope you buy lots of them.”




AARON DOUGLAS (Chief Tyrol): “When you’re an actor, you kind of have a few things that you’re like, ‘All right, I know I’ve made it.’ There are certain awards you want to win. But an action figure is really the deal, and I’m very, very excited. One of my closest friends in the world is Donna Soldano, who owns Art Asylum, and Donna is making the Chief doll, so I’ve got a picture of my action figure on my phone. And I’m showing everyone. And they hate me.”



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