INTERVIEW (AUDIO): The Two Doctors Radio Show (May 20, 2007)

The Two Doctors Radio Show
May 20, 2007
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MEDIA – AUDIO: The Two Doctors Radio Show (May 20th, 2007)

WARNING: There are BSG Season 3 Finale spoilers in the Episode Description below

Show Description: The Two Doctors; Mad Professor Jim Iaccino and Crazy Rocket Scientist Kenn Gold, discuss the latest happenings in SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy with each other and various guests.

Episode Description: Save Jericho and Aaron Douglas: Aaron calls in unannounced and is put on hold for over 20 minutes while fans talk about saving Jericho, and the guys talk about Supernatural with Jenn. He finally comes on though to break news about his role in Bionic woman, and lots of stuff about his being a Cylon Bastard.

Source: The Two Doctors

Aaron surprised the hosts of the live radio talk show The Two Doctors on Sunday night (May 20th) with an unannounced and unplanned live call in. Aaron had been invited to call into the show anytime he wanted, but on Sunday’s show he waited in the queue for more than 20 minutes with fans of the cancelled CBS show Jericho, who were calling in to get the word out about their campaign efforts.

Source: MediaBlvd Magazine

You can listen to or download the talk show at the below link

The talk show goes for 1 hour and 41 minutes. I have edited it to just Aaron’s interview (21 minutes).
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Aaron Douglas – The Two Doctors Radio Show (May 20, 2007)

WARNING: There are BSG Season 3 Finale spoilers in the interview.

P.S. In the interview, Aaron says that he is going to be in the pilot episode of the Bionic Woman.