(Ryan Robbins) May 4, 2007

Ryan Robbins Interview
By: Marcel Damen
Date: May 4, 2007


Note: This is a snippet of an interview with RYAN ROBBINS where he mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL. To read the full interview, click HERE.


In a previous interview with Aaron Douglas, he mentioned that you were also a Vancouver Canucks fan.

Yes, very much. Aaron and I go to the games together.


Ok. You also go together with Dan Payne, right?

That’s right, yeah. Sometimes with Dan Bacon as well. Actually I think I’m going to Aaron’s house tonight to watch the game after I get off the phone with you.

At the time as a reader, did you read with any of the actors that are now in the main cast? Or any of the actors that now have a part in the series?

Somebody else asked that [as well] and I’m trying to remember. It’s kind of all a blur. I can’t really remember to be honest, if I did. I know… I’m not sure if I read with Aaron [Douglas] or not. I don’t think I did. I know that Aaron Douglas had read for Apollo at one point, but I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know who I read with.

Ok. Coming back to Aaron Douglas. I heard you lost out to Aaron Douglas at the Bodog Celebrity Poker Event in December?

Oh man, he’s just never going to let that go, is he? (both laughing) Yeah, we played the celebrity tournament and the top two finishers, first and second place, qualified and are flown down to Las Vegas and play at the World Series of Poker 2007. First place went to Jamie Gould, who was the 2006 World Series of Poker winner, so that kind of a given that he was going to kick our butts. The battle for second place was between myself and Aaron and it got… The blinds were super high, and I kind of got forced all-in by Jamie Gould. I had him beat! I had him beat! He got a pair on the river that beat me. So the last possible card he could have had to beat me, he got. That put me out and put me in third place and put Aaron Douglas in second place and on a trip to Vegas to the World Series of Poker. But I’m going! I’m going anyway. I’m going to go down to support him and see how well he can do down there. But I did win a really kick ass poker table…


…and a poker set, yes.

…and a bunch of swag, so… We have poker parties at my house from time to time.


Yes, because I was going to ask you… After Aaron won he said he would actually take you with him and I was going to ask you if he’s going to keep his promise? He actually will then?

Well, that what he says. I keep pointing out, that it’s actually all on film, him saying that he’s taking me with him. I think what that’s become is a big group of us are going to go down to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. Just to support him, so it won’t be just me. It will be a whole bunch of us. That’s the plan. We’re going to make a big party out of it and go down. We like Vegas. We go to Vegas from time to time. Aaron and I have been to Vegas a few times and it’s been fun. I think Brad Dryborough was going to come down with us as well, because he’ll be celebrating a birthday down there. Dan Bacon will come. It will be fun. We’ll drag Michael Trucco down. It will be a good time. We’ll see if we can get Jamie Bamber to come out. (both laughing)

You ended up in a band then. I hear you’re still playing?

I play with different bands from time to time. I try to stay creative as much as I can and music is an important part of my life, so… I have a little studio behind my house that I go and jam in from time to time. Actually Brad [Dryborough] and I write music together. I play with a fantastic band called The Town Pants. They’re a great sort of Celtic inspired, drinking music band. I played on a couple of their albums, and I play with them live whenever I can. They’re good friends of mine. Chances are if there’s a The Town Pants gig in your area. You should definitely go see them. It quite possible that Aaron Douglas might be there because he’s a great supporter of the band as well. We’re all good friends.