INTERVIEW (AUDIO): Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2007 (April 15, 2007)

Supanova Convention (Aaron’s Guest Panel)
April 15, 2007
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Below is the link to the audio recording of Aaron’s guest panel at the “Supanova Pop Culture Expo” in Brisbane, Australia. This recording is of Aaron’s 2nd guest panel on Sunday, April 15th, 2007. Hopefully the 1st guest panel will also be made available.

Podcast description ………

Aaron Douglas Panel

This podcast features the chief of all things techy on the new galactica, best know as Chief Tyrol, but soon appearing in the feature film Blood: a butchers tale. This panel was recorded on the Sunday of Supanova Brisbane 2007!

Show Notes

> Battlestar and being the chief!
> anthrax… the band
> who is a giggler
> lookalikes?
> webisodes.
> building caprica
> wildest dreams?