BodogFight – Poker Night at Ryan Robbins house (March 10, 2007) Vancouver, BC. CANADA

Below are some photos of Aaron at the Bodog sponsors a fun Poker Night at his best friend Ryan Robbins’ house. You can view all of the photos from the night at WireImage. BSG Fans will recognise Michael Trucco (Anders), Dominic Zamprogna (Jammer), Ryan Robbins (Charlie Connor) and Aleks Paunovic (Sgt Fischer). And for Stargate fans there is Colin Cunningham (Major Paul Davis on SG1), Dan Bacon (Technician on SG1 / Dr Watson on Atlantis), Ben Cotton (Dr. Kavanagh on Atlantis) and of course Peter Deluise (Writer, Director, Producer and Actor).


Photo Source: Kevin Casey (WireImage)


Photo Source: BodogFIGHT