INTERVIEW: Aaron Douglas GALACTICA.TV interview (Part 2)

Aaron Douglas GALACTICA.TV interview
Interview By: Martine Voppen
Transcript By: David Jimerson
Date: August 5, 2006
Source: (Click HERE to listen to the audio of this interview)


At the Galactica Two Convention in England, held August 4-6, 2006, our reporter Martine Voppen spoke to actor Aaron Douglas again. This short interview is a follow up to the big interview you’ve just read.


This is just a follow up on an earlier interview we had with you. For example you said that the Chief was like a brother to Cally and you didn’t want their relationship to develop any further

(Aaron laughs again when he hears this)


Have you gotten over that or did you have a shouting match with Ronald D. Moore or any of the other writers?

(Aaron laughs when hearing “shouting match”)

No, we certainly didn’t have a “shouting match”, but I was surprised that they were going to go that way. It… Yeah, I was really surprised that they actually went that way. We sort of saw it coming. I think we had an inkling that it was going to happen, but I was a little, sort of resistant to the inkling when it was brewing a little bit. I think Nicki spotted it certainly before I did and yeah it’s kind of weird because it really is the big brother little sister relationship and even in real life it’s like big brother little sister for Nicki and I. I love her to death and I’m fiercely protective of her and the Chief is the same thing for Cally and now they’re together. I don’t know.. once you get past the paedophilic nature of it all (laughs again) I think it’s okay. You know it’s so weird, because all the fans were just like …that guy is an old guy and there’s this teenager, and oh… it’s sort of like Jerry Lee Lewis and…


She’s not really a teenager…

No she’s not. No, she just looks really young, but she’s older. She has been in the military for a number of years. So yeah, the Cally-character, I think, is sort off in her early to mid 20’s and the Chief is sort off early 30’s, so it’s not THAT out of the realm of possibilities, but… No, I’m perfectly happy about it. The writers are always writing really good stuff for me and I trust them to do whatever. And if it doesn’t make sense to me at the time, I ask some questions and they either explain it away or they just assure me that it will be revealed in the upcoming episodes or it’s the beginning of a story and there a true line and an arc to it. So, you just trust the writers, that’s all I do.



Talking about writing good stuff. Are there any deleted scenes you wish they had included in the final cut that didn’t make it?

Of the entire series so far?



Yeah, there is a great scene with Nicki and I where she’s just fantastic in, from the Mini-Series. Where she confronts me about fracking Sharon and that one got deleted. Usually the other ones don’t get deleted, they kind of get edited, to shorten them up a bit. But that’s the one that really stands out in my mind and I wish… I would like to see that one somewhere and I think it’s probably on the deleted scenes, I haven’t looked for it yet. So, I definitely have to look for it.


And about Boomer actually, fracking Sharon and all. Will it get mentioned or be brought up again or in other words do you actually get some sort of closure this Season [3] ?

No, they don’t really refer to it or talk about it at all. It just seems to be…


Really? (surprised)

Yeah it’s .. it’s just kind off… You know, it’s referred to by… Cally and Boomer have an amazing scene in episode 1 or 2 or 3… [of Season 3] Well, somewhere in there. They have a great scene, in which they talk about it a bit. I have a scene with Grace, where she just congratulates me on the baby. But no, their relationship is over. It kind off moved on. She’s now with Helo and the Chief is left dealing with everything he has to deal with. It’s nice that they moved on and they don’t drag it out and beat a dead horse.


So, is everything working out for the Chief in Season 3?

I have no idea! (Aaron pulls a teasing face). It’s brutal, the stuff they got me doing is brutal. It’s great! …but it’s brutal.


Final question. Do you have any other projects lined up?

No. No, I did a couple of days on the new Pierce Brosnan movie Butterfly On a Wheel. I didn’t work with Pierce, I worked with Gerard Butler and Callum Rennie who plays Leoben on our show and that was a lot of fun.


Did you have connections? [pointing at Dan Bacon, his good friend who was a reader for that film and who’s sitting next to me]

Eh, yeah! Actually’, he was on set because he was the off camera reader for Pierce Brosnan’s stuff. Dan is everywhere I go, I just can’t get away from him.


You don’t want to write anything yourself or…

Eh yeah, I write shorts, it’s just that… I don’t have… I do have the time, but I just don’t have the… I don’t know. I need somebody to sort of organize. I’m an idea guy and I just need somebody, the follow through person, who sits down and does the nuts and bolts of it. But I have great ideas and have great stories and I have great scripts written, but I just like somebody else to do them and then I’ll act in them or direct them, but nothing so far.


Okay, thank you very much… Again.

You’re very welcome.