INTERVIEW: Aaron Douglas Interview

Aaron Douglas Interview
By: Zirone
Date: May 22, 2005
Source: Battlestar Galactica Online


Aaron Douglas, portraying CPO Chief Tyrol granted us an exclusive interview and tells us more about his likeness with his character and what he would like to do in a near future…


What do you like in your character? Have you got some common points with him?

I admire and relate to the honest nature of the personality and profession of Chief Tyrol. I have been told by many service personnel around the world that Tyrol reminds them of a Chief or Lt. Or Captain that they have served with. I believe in my friends. I believe in supporting your friends and helping them along when one can. The most important people in the life of Galen are the people he serves with. He understands that you are only as strong as your weakest link. I do not identify with the military mentality and for that I rely a lot on my friend and military advisor to the show ret. 1 st Sgt. Ron Blecker US Army Rangers Special Forces. He is a remarkable man who has actually been ‘there’ and done ‘that’. I am Canadian. I did not grow up with might is right and I still do not feel that it is the best solution. So when I work in the life of Tyrol I come into some situations where I feel that I, Aaron, may act differently than does the chief. I am not one to follow orders blindly. I am more of a leader and decision maker as the Chief is but unlike the Chief I will put my foot down and say no. Chief Tyrol is the best character on the show for me to play. It is my favorite character on the show. The only other character I would like to play is Col. Tigh. I like Tyrol and Tigh in that they are flawed and real. They make bad decisions and accept the responsibility. Michael Hogan is a tremendous actor and he has really brought that character to life. Tyrol and Aaron also enjoy a good beer, a great scotch, and some exceptionally fine red wine.


Does R. D. Moore plans to give a new dimension to your character during season 2? Can you tell us more?

Ron Moore has assembled the finest scifi writing team in television. I can say this unreservedly and with total conviction because I really believe it to be true. His team has really tapped into my character and it is at the point now where they write as I would speak naturally. This is a wonderful place to be as an actor. Oftentimes you get a script that is full of babble that no one would ever utter. The meaning is there but no one would say it like they have written it. That is not the case with our show. From what I understand Tyrol will continue on where he left off in season 1 and will continue to battle the same issues and demons that he was last year. He will have to deal with great responsibility and the problems that can arise from that. He deals with love and loss and the odd Cylon.


What do you like in BSG that you don’t find in other Sci-Fi shows? Is it the multiple developments which make that everything may occur at every second?

I like the reality of the show. I like that it is not the typical ‘cartoony’ style of the genre. I really feel that this is what would be happening if this was in fact taking place somewhere in the cosmos… or maybe it is… As actors it keeps us on our toes because characters die, get thrown in jail, etc and that keeps you wondering if you are the next to get whacked. I really enjoy scifi and always have. I am thrilled to be on a great scifi show and to be a central part of it. I love it that it is dirty and dark and is making a statement about life and the world and other cultures. Normally I am not one for statement shows but some things need to be said. People, particularly in some countries, need to look at other cultures not as something wrong or evil but something different and beautiful. So often we are blinded by our insular little world and we don’t see that the rest of the world, which can be 10 times the size, for how incredible it is. We then label them as wrong or dumb or evil when in fact they are just different. This show is addressing that difference. It is causing some people to relate it to this life and to re-think their uneducated preconceived notions of other cultures. I think that Ron and David should be commended for this vision and direction.


Apart BSG have you other plans for the future? Do you wish to act in a movie or in another TV show or play on stage?

I am loving every minute of BSG right now and I will take the future as it comes. I am a firm believer in trusting that the universe is unfolding as it should and that everything happens for a reason. I would love to get back on stage but it is hard with the schedule right now. I would love to make a film with Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Joan Allen, Terrence Malik, and Tim Burton. I have others but those are my focus at the moment. I really want to make a great WW2 film. Something about the Canadian landing at Juno would be wonderful. That or a Thin Red Line type of film.


And to finish, do you wish to say some words for the French fans?

French fans… Merci beaucoup. I hope to be in France in August if I can get the time during our short hiatus. I really wish to visit Normandy. You have a remarkable county and are a wonderful people. I applaud your support of your government in holding firm regarding decisions that affect the world as a whole. I never once ate a “freedom fry”. Even though they were created in Belgium… wow! C’est la guerre. Love you all. Thank you again and enjoy the show.