INTERVIEW: Actor Aaron Douglas Drops More Galactica Hints

Actor Aaron Douglas Drops More Galactica Hints
By: Robert Falconer (HNR Senior Editor)
Date: September 20, 2004
Source: Hollywood North Report


Season one is wrapped, surprises in store for fans September 20th 2004 09:08am | Posted by: Robert Falconer HNR Senior Editor Battlestar Galactica actor, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) recently talked with Galactica.TV’s Jim Iaccino and dropped some hints about the upcoming, inaugural season.


Galactica.TV: What was your favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica’s first season and why?

Favorite episode? Probably number six (“Litmus”) because it focuses on Tyrol a lot. I have not seen any of them so I will have to hold judgment until then.


Galactica.TV: Does the Tyrol-Boomer relationship heat up?

Tyrol & Boomer go all kinds of places. It has a really great arc throughout the season. Ron and his staff did a great job of keeping it interesting and moving without beating it to death.


Galactica.TV: Are there some surprises in store for viewers- especially with the Cylons?

You will be very surprised!!! You thought the baby scene was tough? Just wait.


Galactica.TV: Was the first season of Battlestar Galactica a success for you?

The first season was a real success for me both personally and professionally. I learned a lot about acting and living. It was a tremendous experience for me and I hope we come back.


Galactica.TV: Do you think a Season 2 is likely (in your opinion)?

Yes I think it will be back. The signs seem to point that way but I will not count on it until I am standing there in front of a camera. The other thing is I am not contracted for season 2. So they could come back but without Tyrol. But here’s hoping not.


The Vancouver-shot Battlestar Galactica series premieres in North America in January — on SCI-FI Channel in the US, and on SPACE: The Imagination Station in Canada.