INTERVIEW: A Q-and-A with Aaron Douglas/Chief Tyrol

A Q-and-A with Aaron Douglas/Chief Tyrol
By: Jim Iaccino
Date: August 31, 2004
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Since BSG won’t air on Sci-Fi in January, do you think that the Sky One ratings for the show in October will be an important part of the pick up for a Year 2?

We should know about a Season Two by February is what I am being told and to not ask because no one will say until then after it airs in the US. Sky One rating may help but again I have no idea as I am not a network guy.


And I assume you are still alive at the end of Season 1, right?

We are shooting episodes 12 and 13 as one and they are being re written all the time so I don’t know who dies and who doesn’t or even if anyone does.


I know you can’t answer specifics but do you see any cast changes for Season 2?

I hope there are no cast changes for 2 if there is one. I think everyone would like to come back but quite a few people have other projects talking to them. And then there is pilot season in LA which will scoop up most of the unsigned actors and if they land something, then they are gone. Unless they sign first. I don’t know what is going on to be honest. I just show up and do the thing and go home. Sci-fi is very good to us and we hope to come back.


And do we know more about the Cylons at the end of Season 1?

There is a lot revealed about the Cylons and the humans over the course of Season One. You will be intrigued.