(Ronald D. Moore) February 26, 2004

Ron Moore’s Recipe for Season One
By: Farvoyager
Date: February 26, 2004
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Note: This is a snippet of an interview with RONALD D. MOORE where he mentions AARON DOUGLAS / CHIEF TYROL. To read the full interview, click HERE.


I know we talked about this the last time I interviewed you, but regarding the entire original cast at that time you said that everyone who was in the mini would be in the series, is that still the case?

Yep, its still the case


And Aaron Douglas will be returning as Tyrol?

Yeah, there were certain actors, and Aaron I believe is one of them, that we are in the midst of negotiating to bring back, because we didn’t have series options on everybody. There were some members of the cast that, for various reasons, some members had series options built into their original miniseries deals, others did not. And I believe Aaron is one that did not, but we are working our way through business affairs, and all this stuff, and the plan is definitely for Aaron to be in the show.


Oh that’s fantastic. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that, too.